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Can You Go Bald After Hair Implant?

With the help of hair implants, many have regained their hair, their self-esteem, and their look. The process is fantastic as it is done to add more hair to that particular area that has gone bald due to some reasons. You may ask, how is it possible? 

Unfortunately, today half or more than half of the world’s population suffers from the problem of hair loss, and it has not caused a serious issue for all. Some people say it is all about water and climate, and some say it’s all about our genetics.

Whatever the main reason behind the hair loss, isn’t there any possible way to stop hair loss or to regrow our hair and give back the best look ourselves again? Of course, there are.

With the help of hair implants, many have regained their hair, their self-esteem, and their look. The process is fantastic as it is done to add more hair to that particular area that has gone bald due to some reasons. You may ask, how is it possible?

Thanks to technology and science, man is able to do anything today. The doctor will take hair from the areas of your scalp that have thicker hair compared to the area that has gone bald. It can even be taken from other parts of your body as well.

The main idea is to take the hair from its root and graft it to the thinning or the balding area carefully and allow it to grow. In this regard, read till the end to learn more about the implant and some details about it. If you are planning to go for it, then do not hesitate. Give back your self-esteem and your amazing look before you go bald.

Do hair transplants stop balding?

Today it is a significant concern for all as some say what the point of going for a hair implant if we are going to get bald after it again is.

The point is, is a hair transplant capable of stopping you from balding? To answer this question, we can say that you cannot notice patterns of baldness once you have undergone hair transplant surgery.

It clearly states that once you undergo a hair transplant, there is no way back to getting bald. It is considered to be the amazing nature of the hair follicles harvested. These hair follicles will not fall out just because they have been taken from different parts of your body.

Keep in mind thinning hair after years once you have done the implant is possible but not getting completely bald. So if you are on your way to a hair implant, do not change your mind and go for it.

Can the hair be transplanted from another person?

To answer this question, we have to say that, sadly, you cannot take hair from a second person for your hair implant process. It should be from your scalp or any other part of your body. Even if the person belongs to your family, it is still impossible to take hair and implant it on your scalp.

The main reason is that your immune system will recognize it really fast and understand that these hair follicles do not belong to you and will attack. It will result in the fall of the transplanted hair and loss of money and time.

Does Transplanted Hair Thin Over Time?

Before we opt for hair transplant surgery, we always ask ourselves, is the process long-lasting? Is it permanent? What if I lose more hair during the treatment?

There are many kinds of worries that come to our heads. Let us clear all these doubts once and for all. A hair transplant or hair implant is simply an outpatient procedure. In the process, micro grafting technology is used, and it donates your hair from your scalp or body part to the areas that need to be filled and covered.

As in the process, hair is grafted to your scalp, which takes quite some time to heal. But there is nothing to worry about as it will go away. You may even face hair fall after the procedure in the initial three months, but there is nothing to worry about.

Is a hair implant permanent?

Often we hear patients asking if the process is permanent. We should add by saying that the movement of the hair follicles is permanent, just like your normal hair follicles; the transplanted ones have a lifespan.

We can conclude that at some point, even these hair follicles will stop producing more than they used to initially.

Is hair implant painful?

It is a general question that is asked by all. When we talk about hair implants, we immediately think about the pain and discomfort that they may have.

The point is today, thanks to anesthesia and painkillers that doctors give after the operation, the pain we face is too little to worry about. Thanks to these, the discomfort level is reduced. In the end, the entire process of hair implant is very pleasing and easy once you remember that you will soon have hair in the areas that have gone bald.

How much is the cost of a hair implant?

It is a procedure that has gotten the attention of all to it. Some, on the other hand, are worried about the cost of the procedure, and hence they consider the process too costly to even think of.

The entire cost of the procedure ranges something around $4,000 to up to $15 000. We often think the costs are out of pocket but worth it.

The cost of the procedure also depends on certain factors such as the region you live in, the skills of the doctor you went to, the type of procedure you undergo, and last but not least, the amount of hair you desire to be implanted.

A hair implant is considered cosmetic surgery, and in most cases, the insurance does not pay anything to the patient.

Now that you know so much about this fantastic procedure, what do you think? Isn’t it worth the cost and the little pain? To have your self-esteem and look back is a tremendous result. Book your appointment with the best doctors and get to work.

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