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Using the latest technologies and facilities for ophthalmic treatments and having the best specialists in this field, Iran has been the eye care hub in the Middle East from decades ago.
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Eye surgeries in Iran:
All you need to know

More about eye care in Iran

Eye care and eye surgery is one of the prominent treatments in Iran and it is such a delicate procedure for experienced eye surgeons in Iran. People can regain their visual health and overall look again. Read more about eye surgery in Iran here:

Why eye surgeries in Iran

There are many reasons for a person to undergo treatments and surgeries in Iran, especially eye surgeries; because eye surgery is a very important surgery in Iran. Our ophthalmologists and eye surgeons are one of the most skilled and qualified ones in the world. Besides experienced surgeons, we can add other factors such as better prices, higher quality, modern facilities to that.

Who is the best eye surgeon in Iran?

Actually, eye surgery is one of the most complicated and delicate surgeries in the world. There are not so many doctors who can do this surgery in Iran. But those who are have got their certificates from the best universities in America, Europe or even Iran. It’s hard to find the best eye doctor in Iran, they are often recommended by those who had a successful eye surgery before. Here in Gomediran, we have gathered the best eye surgeons based on the recommendation of other patients’ experience.

Should I know more about eye surgery procedures in Iran?

Corneal eye transplant is one of those surgeries that is very expensive and you have to be in a wait list for months. But in Iran, corneal transplant is done with an absolutely affordable price and you don’t have to be in a wait list for so much long time. Iran is now a leading destination not only for corneal transplant, but also for other eye treatments and surgeries. If you have chosen Iran for your eye surgery because of the affordable prices, experienced surgeons and equipped clinics you are in the best place now.

Eye surgery aftercare (What to do to recover faster)

After your eye surgery in Iran there is things-to-do and not-to-do, here is a list of general instructions about your recovery period irrespective of whether it is after a cataract operation or refractive surgery to improve sight. Patients can influence on their recovery and have a better and faster recovery by following some instructions. The most important rule in the follow-up treatment is: follow the medical advice and be patient in the recovery treatment:

  • Keep your eyes closed for a while after the eye surgery
  • Do not rub or press on the newly-operated eye/eyes
  • Do not drive in the first 24 hours
  • Avoid heavy physical effort over the first few days
  • Take prescribed medicines and eye drops as instructed
  • Do not contact your eyes with water, soap or shampoo
  • Do not use any eye wear or contact lenses without doctor’s prescription
  • Keep medical follow-up appointments without fail

Do I need someone to take care of me after an eye surgery in Iran?

Actually, eye surgeries and eye treatments are outpatient and do not need an overnight in the hospital. If you bring a friend or family to be there and to help you change clothes and eat food, it is very good but GOMEDIRAN provides in-house nurses for patients to be taken care of while recovering in the hotel. Though, it is not necessary to bring someone along.

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