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 The gastric balloon creates a quicker feeling of fullness in obese people. It is a good solution for those who are overweight or obese (usually BMI over 30). 

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Gastric Balloon: All you need to know

The gastric balloon or intragastric balloon is a newer method of weight loss that has become very popular because of its invasiveness. It takes just half an hour and then the patient can go home. Then between 6 to 12 months later you have to come back to remove the balloon and then you are good to go! Read more about the gastric balloon here:

what is a gastric balloon?

A gastric balloon is a new kind of weight-loss procedure in which a saline-filled silicone balloon is put in the stomach to help patients lose weight by reducing the amount of food they can take. It creates a quicker feeling of fullness. It is a good solution for those who are overweight or obese (usually BMI between 30 and 40). This kind of weight loss procedure is suggested when diet and exercise have failed and other bariatric surgeries are not recommended. All weight loss procedures require a commitment to a healthier diet plan and regular workouts to ensure the long-term effects of the weight loss procedure, the gastric balloon is not an exception.

Gastric balloon procedure

The procedure for the insertion and removal of the balloon is like this:

  • An empty gastric balloon is inserted into the stomach through the mouth using a thin, flexible tube that has a light and a camera on its end (endoscope). The patient will actually fall asleep under mild sedation for 15-20 minutes. It is a totally painless but uncomfortable procedure that takes 10-15 minutes. After the insertion then the gastric balloon, the doctor will fill it.
  • After 6-12 months based on the used balloon brand and material, it is deflated and removed as there is a risk of balloon deterioration and perforation after this point. Usually, people lose 30-40% of their excess weight at this time. The amount of exact weight loss depends on diet and exercise plan. In the removal procedure, the doctor deflates the balloon before removing it from the stomach. The balloon is pulled through the mouth using an endoscopic tube again. The doctor uses sedatives for the patient’s comfort and pain, again. The stomach returns to its normal size, so keeping a healthy diet after balloon removal is critical.

All weight-loss procedures require a commitment to a healthier lifestyle and diet. You have to stick to permanent healthy changes to your diet. Doing regular sports and exercises will help to ensure gastric balloon success.

The gastric balloon costs around the world

Like other treatments, the cost of gastric balloon insertion and removal mainly depends on different factors such as doctor fees, clinic costs, the gastric balloon brand, and material and the location procedure take place in. For gastric balloon, procedure cost of balloon material used in the process is one of the important factors of pricing. Most of the insurance doesn’t cover gastric balloon process fees so price really matters in this treatment. The gastric balloon costs $8000-$12000 in the United States and $4000 in Mexico. The price of gastric balloon insertion in Iran mainly depends on the brand of the used balloon which starts from $1,500. 

Is gastric balloon right for me?

The gastric balloon in Tehran is mostly recommended for patients who must lose weight before surgery to reduce surgical risk or because of some obesity-related diseases; also, it can be used as a stand-alone, non-surgical option for weight loss. If you have tried to lose weight and failed or you have serious health problems caused by obesity, the gastric balloon is an ideal non-invasive method for you. A Bariatric surgeon will discuss the best option for weight loss for you considering your BMI score, and weight-related health problems such as diabetes, blood pressure, sleep disorder, joint pain, and depression. If you are eligible for a gastric balloon procedure, keep in mind that you should commit lifestyle changes like eating less, and making healthy food choices after balloon insertion. In the gastric balloon method losing weight is slower compared to bariatric surgeries such as a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass and it is a useful method if you don’t meet weight-loss surgery criteria or do not want invasive methods of weight loss like a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass.

The gastric balloon procedure risks

Just a little after gastric balloon insertion, nausea, and mild pain affect one-third of patients. These symptoms may last up to a couple of days after the gastric balloon insertion, that is why we keep people for at least 3 days in Iran after the procedure. These symptoms can be mitigated with medications. Serious risks after intragastric balloon placement and removal in Iran are very rare. It’s possible that the balloon could deflate which if happens, there’s also a risk that it could move through the patient’s digestive system which can cause a blockage and may require a further procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Gastric Balloon

Is gastric balloon safe?

In the hands of experts, the gastric balloon is a very safe and effective procedure and serious complications are uncommon

Can you get a gastric balloon after gastric bypass?

Unfortunately, if you’ve had any type of stomach surgery you cannot have an Orbera balloon (or other intragastric balloon, such as ReShape and Obalon). This includes gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, lap band, or hiatal hernia repair (fundoplication).

Do I qualify for gastric balloon?
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Is the gastric balloon worth it?

Most patients lose between 20 and 50 pounds over six months (about 10 to 20% of total body weight). Gastric balloons can be effective, they don’t require surgery, and they can be placed in a matter of minutes. They are temporary, however, and require a lifestyle change, education, and support for success

Which gastric balloon is best?

Orbera is an FDA-approved weight loss system that helps patients to lose an average of 3x the weight of diet and exercise alone, yet does not require surgery. Of the various intra-gastric balloons, Orbera is the most widely sold, with over 300,000 placements worldwide.

Can a gastric balloon burst?

This is a possibility, the risk is very small.

Can I drink alcohol with a gastric balloon?

Although alcohol consumption in moderation will not affect your gastric balloon, it may cause heartburn. It is important to limit as the extra calories won’t help your weight-loss.

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