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Deciding on a Nose Surgery

After evaluating your face, nose structure and health conditions, the surgeon adjusts your expectation and gives you a realistic option for your nose. There isn’t such a thing as absolute beauty

Consult with a professional surgeon

First, consult with our surgeon and get more information about the nose surgery; you should tell your surgeon:

  • What about your nose bothers you
  • What is your goal from a nose job is

After evaluating your face, nose structure, and health conditions, the surgeon adjusts your expectation and gives you a realistic option for your nose. There isn’t such a thing as absolute beauty or a perfect nose but a suitable nose surgery will enhance your looks and facial impression.

Nose surgery is usually an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia. After the surgery, your nose will be placed in a splint to support its new shape and protect it from accidental damage.

So, better be aware and ready for discomfort and mild pains which you may suffer after the surgery, although there will be temporarily uncomfortable packing inside your nostrils, which will be removed in a week; the surgeon will prescribe medications to decrease your discomfort during recovery.


Consult with a professional surgeon

When you will see your new-shaped nose

Your new nose needs time to improve. You will see the first result after recovering from initial bruising and swellings but it usually takes a year or so for your nose to get its permanent shape, which will be with you for life, so take it seriously to find an experienced surgeon and awesome clinic.


Changes you can make to your nose in Iran

Facial attraction is all about balance and the nose is the foundation of this balance. With help of Iranian surgeons, you can improve your looks by getting your nose reshaped and making it the same as a natural nose. With nose surgery you can achieve the followings:

  • Straighten your crooked nose
  • Restore nose symmetry
  • Smooth your bumpy nose
  • Reduce the length of the nasal tip
  • Narrow wide nose or reduce the size of a large nose
  • Correct breathing issues

Rhinoplasty benefits

Improve breathing, fix a broken nose and solve sinus problems

The nose is the most common broken part of the face which could cause breathing problems. There may be breathing issues because of sinus problems. You will get rid of breathing problems after a nose surgery combined with sinus surgery, performed by a proficient surgeon.

Birth defect corrections and facial symmetry restore to improve self-confidence

A nose job could be performed to correct some malformations and myriad problems like a crooked nose to meet aesthetic goals to improve self-confidence.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision or secondary (maybe tertiary) can be performed to correct prior unsuccessful nose surgeries. Try to choose a proficient surgeon to decrease the probability of needing a revision.


A high percentage of people have snoring problems; it could be solved through a Rhinoplasty.

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