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Every Thing About Liquid Rhinoplasty

Liquid rhinoplasty, often known as the liquid nose job, is one of the most well-known procedures that make your nose beautiful and aristocratic.

Nowadays most people prefer to have an elegant nose because their nose plays a significant role in their beauty. In some cases, some people are forced to change the shape of their noses due to a large or crooked nose. Liquid rhinoplasty, often known as the liquid nose job, is one of the most well-known procedures that make your nose beautiful and aristocratic.

Many people agree with this method since it is affordable and non-surgical. In this essay, we are going to completely and thoroughly delve into this issue to make sure that this method can be the best way to change the shape of your nose.

What is liquid rhinoplasty?

Liquid rhinoplasty is one of the most common methods to deal with problems related to the nose. This approach helps problems such as drooping nose tip and asymmetric nose to get better for a temporary time. This method involves injecting dermal filler into the nose to change its shape of the nose. Dermal fillers are made of a gel called hyaluronic acid, which is very popular due to its safety and effectiveness. Furthermore, this kind of acid is used to fill lips and cheeks.

Another reason that motivates many people to use this method is its low invasive level. In other words, no incisions or deep cuts are made during the process of this procedure. This procedure is also recommended for those who want to remove bumps on their nose and reduce their angularity.

How long does liquid rhinoplasty last?

The results of the nonsurgical method are not permanent, and it is shorter than the surgical method. The duration of the nonsurgical method is different based on the type of filler and the person, and it varies from six to twenty-four months. Following the disappearance of results, you can extend the durability of results by recursion of the procedure.

Having temporary endurance can be considered a major setback for nonsurgical methods, as compared to the surgical method because the surgical method can last more than a liquid nose job. Generally, we can infer that the nonsurgical method can be a desirable process for individuals who look for temporary changes in the shape of their noses rather than everlasting ones.

Benefits of nonsurgical nose job

This method causes slight pain and irritation because a low-level injection is received during the procedure. Accordingly, you don’t need to undergo anesthesia so this procedure can be the best choice for those who are afraid of deep incisions. Many individuals who experience this procedure are satisfied with immediate outcomes that improve the form and structure of their noses.

The other main benefit of this method is its short duration which fluctuates between 15 and 45 minutes. Also, its recovery takes a shorter time than surgical rhinoplasty, thus you can start your daily life activities after a couple of hours. Liquid nose job costs less than surgical rhinoplasty, and the results are removable if you don’t like them.

Disadvantages of liquid nose job

One of the disadvantages of a liquid nose job is the durability of the results, that is, the results remain for a short time. Rhinoplasty without surgery cannot solve breathing problems. In addition, it cannot cause significant changes in the shape and structure of the nose. Also, this method cannot reduce the volume of the nose, so this method is useless for those who have a large nose.

Like many medical procedures, it can cause side effects such as swelling and bruising. In addition, its side effects are not yet fully understood due to its novelty. Other benefits of liquid rhinoplasty include the removal of bumps as well as the smoothness of the skin. Displacement of needles during the procedure can have serious consequences, including eye damage or bleeding under your skin.

Recovery of nonsurgical rhinoplasty

Liquid rhinoplasty does not delay your activities in life because you do not need to rest after this procedure. You don’t have to be anxious about this process as this method is done by tiny droplets which leads to favorable results. In addition, you will have a few weeks between injections to check different parts of the nose to see if you need another injection.

The possibility of side effects such as bruising and swelling is not high. If these side effects occur, you can ask your doctor to remove them as soon as possible. Some doctors also advise that it is better to avoid strenuous activities after this procedure.


In this essay, we covered all the points relevant to liquid rhinoplasty, including its concept, pros, and cons of it. We did our best to give useful information to increase your awareness of this subject. Considering this essay, we can conclude that this procedure can be an appropriate method for those who prefer to have minor changes in their nose. Generally, a nonsurgical liquid nose job can be the appropriate alternative to traditional rhinoplasty due to its efficacy and safety.

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