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Everything About Fake Boobs

There are a lot others who thinks about having the surgery and have some fears about it. This is why we will tell you all you need to know about fake boobs.

Fake boobs

Each year thousands of women who feel unsatisfied about the size of their breasts have breast augmentation to increase the size and have better and younger looks.

But on the other hand, there are a lot of others who think about having the surgery and have some fears about it. This is why we will tell you all you need to know about fake boobs.

1- Breast implants do not last forever

Breast implants are made from high-quality materials to last for a long time. However, this does not mean that breast implants preserve their status forever. Over time, the implants wear gradually, leading to possible rapture.

80% of the patients do not need to change the implants after ten years. However, it will be vital to keep an eye on the implants and observe their condition to avoid implant rapture.

2- You can have breast augmentation revision when not satisfied with fake boobs

Most of the patients are satisfied with their results, especially if they have realistic expectations and have an experienced surgeon perform the operation.

However, if something happens and you get unpleasant with what you get, you can have breast augmentation revision surgery. The revision will let you modify the size or the shape of your fake boobs or maybe reposition them.

3- There are boundaries to what breast implants can do

Having breast implants will increase the size of your breast in a way that looks more natural. However, they cannot change the shape of the breasts.

4- There are several types of fake boobs

Fake boobs

When you choose to have a boob job, you will have to pick the implants to use. Available breast implants vary in size, shape, surface, and fillings.

Implants can be either filled with silicone or saline. They can have smooth surfaces or textured ones. You can have either a round or anatomical shape. And finally, you can choose the volume of the implants from 125 ccs to 700 ccs.

5- It takes time before you have your final results

Although you will notice the difference right after the surgery, the conclusive results need time. You might need to wait for several months after the breast augmentation procedure for the implants to settle. You do not have to worry about having an unnatural appearance during the first few months, as things will get better after a while.

6- Breast augmentation can affect your capability to nurse

The incision made during the surgery can alter the anatomy of the breast. These incisions can affect the breasts’ ability to produce milk. Although losing the ability to produce breast milk is not common, it is a risk you should consider.

7- Having breast implants does not lift your breasts

When you undergo breast enlargement surgery, you only get bigger breasts. The boob job only affects the size of the breasts but not their shape. If you want to fix downward-pointing nipples, you need a breast lift, not breast augmentation.

8- Fake boobs come with scars

The surgeon needs to make several incisions to put the implant inside the breasts. Even with the proper aftercare, there will be some remaining scars. The scars can be around the nipples or under the breasts to make them less visible.

These scars are not usually visible unless the patient is topless. Therefore, it is possible to wear your swimsuits without worrying about others noticing your scars.


9- Some breasts implants can make a sloshing sound

Some women choose to have implants filled with saline instead of silicone. When the surgeon does not fill the implants completely, an air pocket will be created.

Air pockets can cause sloshing sounds when you move. However, you need to be in a very quiet room for others to hear this sound.

10- Fake boobs can change your posture

The implants used for breast augmentation have a similar density to the natural fat in the breasts. When you choose to increase your breasts’ size, you should remember that you are adding more weight as well.

When you choose to go from a small size to an extra larger, expect to feel more pressure on your back. The larger the implants, the more they can affect your posture.

11- Fake boobs allow you to have breast cancer screenings

While many women refrain from breast augmentation due to worries regarding breast cancer screening, the truth is you can still have a mammogram to check for breast cancer even after having breast implants.

The only effect is that your mammogram will take longer to perform. Your doctor will need to perform deeper examinations with the presence of the implants.

12- Fake boobs can be affected by pregnancy

You can indeed have breast augmentation after and before having children. However, there is a reason why plastic surgeons advise women to get a boob job after having children.

During pregnancy, the body is filled with various hormones such as progesterone and estrogen). These hormones can lead to weight gain or weight loss, thus affecting the skin’s elasticity on the breasts and their shape.


Breast augmentation with implants is the best way to get bigger breasts for a long period of time. It is a safe surgery when performed by a good surgeon.

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