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How to Stop Snoring

Snoring is a real issue these days. Some people bear the noise of snoring, whereas some get disturbed badly and take the person who snores to the doctor to find a solution.

Depending on the severity of the snoring and other symptoms that the individual has, the doctor may find a solution or will even conduct a sleep study.

During this sleep study, the doctor will get the following information about your brain waves, blood oxygen level, breathing rate, sleep stages, and last but not least, your heart rate. All these are connected to each other and can be the reason behind the individual snoring, resulting in others not being able to sleep at night.

In this regard, read till the end and find more about snoring and how you can stop snoring to sleep well and allow others around you to sleep. We hope you will be able to find your solution here.

Snoring and Rhinoplasty

The case of snoring after rhinoplasty is that those who have undergone rhinoplasty are more prone to snoring, but it is prevalent and nothing to worry about. You may ask why.

The point is that after the procedure, the inner part of the nose is swollen, and it takes a while to heal, making the airways through which your breath narrower.

It is the same as the condition that you get cold. Snoring happens due to the swelling, but it does not stay. It will go once your nose is no more swollen and your nostrils have recovered fully.

In some cases, the person keeps on snoring even after the nostrils have healed. Is it normal? Snoring is common even a few weeks post rhinoplasty surgery and generally does away. If your snoring does not stop after this, you should visit your doctor and get a consultation regarding this issue.

The doctor will check the healing process to see if you are healing correctly and if there are no further issues with your nose.

The doctor recommends another operation if the case is severe and there is an issue with your breathing. You can decide to undergo another surgery or to live with the snoring instead.

How to Get Someone to Stop Snoring?

We all have someone at home who snore while sleeping and disturbs the rest, don’t we? It is a common issue in every home today but can we stop someone from snoring?

For those who have mild snoring and it does not go to the extreme, you can teach them specific mouth and throat exercises that will help them tan their muscles around the airways. This helps in snoring and not to be frequent or noisy to disturb others.

Some people choose the other way around. They think that waking the person up while they are snoring will stop the snoring. Yes, it will, but for some time, once the person is back to sleep, they will again start snoring. You can ask the person to change their sleeping position or to turn the humidifier on.

Did you know that lack of moisture in your room can be the leading cause of snoring? You can turn the humidifier on and add moisture to the air in your room. Do this without even having to wake the person up from sleep and stop them from snoring.

Can I Ever Stop Snoring?

Yes, you can. Follow instructions such as getting enough sleep, keeping the air in your room humid, avoiding alcohol before bed, frequently changing your sleeping position, and taking a warm bath if your nasal passages are blocked. These are simple steps that can help you stop yourself from snoring.

Do Skinny People Snore?

Snoring is not happening only to fat people. Thin people do snore as well. Skinny people can snore due to tiredness, colds, allergies, and even polyps.

There can be other anatomical abnormalities as well that cause the individuals to snore. It creates some kind of pressure in the lungs when the person breathes.

Though it has been stated that one of the main reasons behind snoring is gaining weight, it is not always the case, and skinny people also snore. So if you are skinny and snoring, you should find the reason behind it and put an end to it before it becomes a habit.

Does Snoring Mean Deep Sleep?

It should be mentioned that snoring is not always associated with deep sleeping. Sleep apnea is least likely to take place in deep sleep as it generally happens during the REM when breathing is considered to be at its shallowest.

So we can say that deep sleeping is not associated with snoring, and the REM of the sleep gets fragmented and then gets interrupted by snoring, resulting in the individual not being able to sleep deeply.

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring happens because of many reasons. Some of the reasons we mentioned earlier, but in general, snoring is caused by many factors like the anatomy of the mouth and sinuses, consumption of alcohol, allergies, and even the individual’s weight.

When the individual sleeps from light sleep to a deeper one, the muscles in the mouth, tongue, and throat relax. This blocks the airways partially and starts vibrating.

The narrower it gets, the more forceful it gets to breathe and hence results in snoring, and it gets even louder.

On the other hand, certain risk factors contribute to snoring, such as:

  • Gender: Men are more prone to snoring than women.
  • Weight: Skinny or fat, both snore equally, but in overweight people, it is seen more.
  • Consuming alcohol: As alcohol relaxes the throat muscles, it increases the risk of snoring even more.
  • Issues with the nose: Defects in the nasal structure and its airways can cause snoring like a deviated septum or a congested nose.
  • Family history: Last but not least, an individual can snore due to family history, be here all the members snore, and have obstructive sleep apnea.

Now that you know so much about snoring, what do you think? Should we get angry when someone snores at night? Is it common, or should the individual seek the doctor’s help instead?

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