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Iran clothing: If you are traveling to Iran, it’s better to search about the dress code in Iran. But do not be worried, it’s not as strict as you heard.

If you want to travel to Iran as a tourist or a medical tourist, this guide could help you with the Iran clothing for women.

What is the women’s dress code in Iran?

You may be enthusiastic about visiting Iran, this truly ancient and unique land, but some rumors make you hesitate to travel to Iran. In the media, you may have heard of toughness about women’s dress code in Iran. But are these rumors true? Does the Iranian government treat so harshly toward women?

In a word, no. Hijab rules are not as strict as you’ve heard. Especially tourists are more easygoing in the worst situation, they only request you to observe the hijab regulations (typically in a kind way). So there’s nothing to be worried about, and if you are a solo woman traveling to Iran, with observing minimum requirements, you’ll face no problems.

You probably have heard of the chador, and “NEGHAB” These things may have made you anxious. If not, I told you. The chador is that long dark garment women wear over other clothes to cover their bodies entirely, and the neghab is a garment that covers the face. But don’t mix up Iran with Saudi Arabia, because the chador is entirely optional and the neghab is a garment worn in old times and no longer is common in Iran. You rarely encounter women wearing a chador, and almost all the girls do not use chador anymore.

In holy places like ancient mosques, you probably have to wear a chador. But you do not need to carry a chador with yourself. You’ll be borrowed a chador for free in the entrance of the mosque or shrine.


Traveling to Iran, an Islamic country, and Iran clothing

Traveling to Iran as an Islamic country requires some rules to observe and follow. Here are some points about clothing to consider:

  • Color of dress: there is no limit on the color of clothes, and it’s not true that women are forced to wear dark clothes. So, wear as colorful as you wish. Nobody will behave you violently.
  • Manto and Roosari: we can call these two clothes “the most important parts of clothing” in Iran. Almost all women wear manto and roosari. By wearing these two, you’ll mostly fit in with other women on the streets. Roosari is the same as the scarf. But you do have not to wear a tight scarf, and it’s very common to exhibit a part of your hair, just as many Iranian girls do. Manto is a long coat that women wear. We recommend you provide yourself a manto and a scarf in the first opportunity you can.
  • Arms and legs: as a woman, you cannot wear sleeveless clothes. Also, your legs should be covered down to the ankles. So avoid wearing tops and shorts.
  • Guidance patrol: there is a police force in Iran that regulates dress code and is called “gasht_e_ershad” as Iranian call it. If women have worn in a very reckless or tight manner, gasht_e_ershad will warn them. But this force usually behaves kindly towards tourists.

What about the men’s dress code in Iran

We said a lot about Iran’s clothing for women, but if you are a man and have traveled to Iran, there is no rigid rule or block for you. You better avoid wearing shorts or sleeveless shirts to encounter an adverse reaction from women best.


Iran is the safe island in the middle east

Eventually, I should say there is no worrying point, Iran is completely safe and you can mainly count on Iranian hospitality. As you may know, Iran is called the safe island of the Middle East, and you will enjoy traveling to Iran. So please don’t waste time, we wait to welcome you impatiently in our gorgeous country.

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