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Is BBL Dangerous?

Brazilian butt lift is considered one of the most complicated surgeries globally. That is why choosing a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon for BBL can be life saving.

How to have a safe BBL?

Every year thousands of women worldwide undergo BBL to have a perfect butt. On the other hand, many patients are afraid to have BBL surgery. The questions to be asked here are, “is BBL dangerous? And should you have the surgery?”

Although all types of surgery involve a percentage of risk, with the advancement of medical science and using Iranian surgeons‘ knowledge and experience, this risk has been minimized.

Common BBL risks and complications

Like every other surgery, there are some possible risks and side effects associated with a Brazilian butt lift. BBL risks and side effects range from mild to severe, including:
• Swelling
• Infection: it is not that common but still possible. You may experience fever and yellowish discharge from the site of the surgery. You may also notice a foul smell from the incision.
• Seroma: This can happen with fluids accumulating under the incision. Seroma can cause the area to swell and may increase infection.

In some occasions, BBL risks could be more severe, and the surgery may lead to:
• Hematoma: the blood will collect beneath the skin and decrease the blood pressure.
• Bleeding: extreme bleeding is possible after the surgery.
• Fat necrosis: Some of the fat cells may die if they do not have enough blood supply after the surgery
• Pneumothorax: This happens when the air leaks into the area amidst the lungs and chest wall. This can raise the pressure on the heart and lungs and can be life-threatening.

With all said, undergoing surgery with a board-certified surgeon can reduce the possibility of developing many of the abovementioned BBL risks and side effects.

BBL death rate

Brazilian butt lift is considered one of the most complicated cosmetic surgeries globally. BBL has the highest risk among all cosmetic surgeries.

That is why choosing a highly experienced board-certified cosmetic surgeon for BBL surgery is crucial for aesthetic outcomes and life-saving.

The exclusive risk of Brazilian butt lift

BBL death rateBrazilian butt lift is not a straightforward surgery. When performing this surgery, there are many aspects to consider, making it more complex. The surgeon needs special skills and training to achieve this surgery.
However, with the tremendous increase in demand for Brazilian butt lifts and their high cost, many patients try to save money and look for cheap offers. As a result, they fall victim to unqualified doctors and may have several post-surgery complications.


What can you do to reduce BBL risks?

Several things can help you have a safe Brazilian butt lift surgery and reduce the risks of BBL complications and severe side effects.

Do your research

It is necessary for you to do your research and look for all the available information about it. This includes knowing everything about BBL risks and possible side effects.

Find a qualified doctor for your BBL surgery

Butt lift surgery is a complicated surgery that needs special training to perform. Thus, you need to find a certified surgeon. To find a capable surgeon, it is vital to ask the surgeon about their experience with BBL and look for some reviews about the surgeon’s work if they are available online.

Pre-surgery lab tests

Before you have the surgery, you need to have several lab tests to make sure you are healthy enough for the surgery. The required lab test may include:
• Blood count: to ensure you have enough blood cells.
• BMP: to measure the levels of sugar in your blood.
• Coagulation factors test: to weigh the risk of bleeding after the surgery.

Tell your doctor about any condition you may have

You must tell your surgeon about any illness you have and any medication you take. By knowing this information, your surgeon may give you some advice to prevent some possible complications.

Avoid smoking and alcohol

Smoking and drinking may have a harmful effect on the surgery. It is recommended to avoid smoking for a few weeks before and after the surgery.

What to do when you experience post-surgery complications

If you think something went wrong after the surgery, you should call your doctor immediately. Remember, it is always better safe than sorry.

GOMEDIRAN provides specialized services with high-quality and safe surgeries.

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