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Labiaplasty (with surgery or laser)

Labiaplasty is one of the cosmetic surgery procedures that have attracted the attention of women today and is important in the beauty of the penis. What is labiaplasty: Labiaplasty surgery is the complete or partial removal of the labia minora (lips around the vagina) called labiaplasty. which is done in order to make the external labia or minor vagina smaller. This procedure does not require hospitalization and anesthesia and can be performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia.

Who are candidates for labiaplasty surgery?

The appearance of the lips around the labia minora varies in different people.

In most cases, the cause of large labia is genetic, and in some cases, hormonal disorders, pregnancy and masturbation can also cause large labia. Most women want to do labiaplasty because of beauty.

But in some cases, labiaplasty can be done for the following reasons:

1- Asymmetry of the labia

2- The size of the labia

3- Bad smell and health problems of the genital area

4- Pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse

5- Discomfort while doing sports activities and wearing tight clothes

6- Deviation and diffusion of the flow of Edra

7- Increasing a person’s self-confidence

Pregnancy and childbirth cause enlargement and changes in the appearance of the lobbies, which can cause many problems in sexual relations and intimacy, such as pain during intercourse and an unpleasant feeling from the appearance of the vagina.

Also, repeated obesity and weight loss can cause enlargement and deformity, drooping and sagging of the labia and skin of the vaginal area, all of which can be solved and treated with labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty procedures

1- Trim technique: In this method, minor lips are clamped and cut and finally stitched with absorbable thread, this surgery takes 35 to 45 minutes on average.

2- Wedge technique: In this method, the labia minora is cut using a V cut, and then the edges are brought together with absorbable thread and sutured.

3- Use of vaginal laser: In this method, the tissue of the labia is cut using a laser and blood coagulation is performed at the same time. As a result, bleeding in this method is much less and does not require stitches.

Any of these techniques can be used in labiaplasty, which depends on the appearance of the labia and the doctor’s decision.

Care after labiaplasty

1- Relative rest for 48 hours

2- Absence of heavy activity and exercise and abstinence from sex up to 4 weeks after the operation

3- Cold compress up to 24 hours after the operation

4- Pain and brief bleeding from the operation site for up to a week are considered normal, but in cases of severe bleeding, the doctor should be informed.

5- Slight burning and itching at the operation site is normal.

6- It is not recommended to use ointments and creams at the operation site

7- Bathing standing up is allowed 48 hours after the operation.

8- Not wearing tight pants until two weeks after the operation

9- Using foods that contain vitamin C. The use of pineapple and red meat helps in wound healing.

10- Avoid constipation.

11- Swelling and bruising are considered normal until two months after the operation.

Danger signs after labiaplasty surgery

Despite these symptoms, you must see your doctor:

1- Yellow or green discharge from the operation site

2- Vaginal odor

3- Excessive bleeding

Advantages of laser labiaplasty

In the laser labiaplasty method, since cutting and coagulation are performed simultaneously by laser, there is no bleeding, and the swelling and pain after the surgery is much less than the surgical method. Also, the recovery period is faster in the laser labiaplasty method, and the person is After the operation, he can resume his daily activities, it is usually done without stitches or with minimal stitches, there is no surgical scar or operation site left. The laser labiaplasty procedure is performed with local anesthesia and is outpatient and does not require hospitalization.

The effect of labiaplasty on libido

Worrying about sexual sensation after labiaplasty is the concern of many women who want to do labiaplasty. It is necessary to know that the clitoris is the main organ in sexual stimulation and it has many sensory nerves. In many people who have large labia due to having extra skin or folds of the skin in this area, the clitoris has very little excitability during intercourse, which can be improved by performing labiaplasty and removing the extra skin, the clitoris will become more visible and the irritability will increase.

In addition, due to the large size of the labia, penetration is difficult for many women, so by shrinking the labia with labiaplasty, penetration is facilitated. Also, improving the appearance of the genital area increases self-confidence and makes sex more enjoyable. will be.

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