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Nasal shrinking enzyme injection

What is nasal enzyme injection?

Injection of hyalase or hyaluranidase enzyme is usually done along with the crystallization of calcium hydroxyapatite into the fatty tissue of the nose.

The results of this injection are shrinking and reducing the volume and changing the shape of the nose .In addition to being used in dermatology and beauty medicine, this enzyme is also used in eye surgery and obstetric anesthesia. Injection of nose shrinking enzyme does not require anesthesia and long recovery period after injection.

Is nasal enzyme injection suitable for your nose?

In general, nasal enzyme injection is suitable for people with large fleshy noses. In this popular method, the enzyme affects the fatty tissue of the person’s nose.

If you inject gel or filler (hyaluronic acid) into your nose and you are not satisfied with the result; Enzyme injection has the ability to neutralize the effect of filler or gel; Therefore, the shape of your nose will be corrected.

In this case, the enzyme is used to discharge the gel or filler.

In general, the uses of nose shrinking enzyme injections are as follows:

Reducing the size of the fleshy nose

 Reduction of swelling and fatty tissue on the nose

 Adjustment of asymmetry in the fleshy part of the nose

 Discharge of gel or filler (hyaluronic acid) in case of dissatisfaction

Head up the upper part of the nose

Nasal enzyme injection to eliminate fat

Injection of hyalase enzyme into the nose has no use in fixing nasal hump and nasal bone problems.

If this method is right for you? Find Clinic will introduce you to the best beauty clinics in this field.

Complications of nose shrinking enzyme injection

Cases of swelling and allergic reactions have been reported after injection, and these symptoms were completely resolved after a few days (usually three to four days).

But in general, the risk of danger and complications in nose-shrinking enzyme injection is a little high.

Nasal enzyme injection requires very high expertise and experience. Therefore, the most important point before choosing and performing hyalase enzyme injection is choosing the right doctor.

The nose is one of the upper organs of the body and in terms of vascularity, it has a lower blood supply than other organs.

Any wrong injection or improper volume can cause necrosis of the nose and serious damage to the nasal tissue and its cartilage.

Therefore, due to the risk of complications in this method, we do not recommend it.

Therefore, if you are determined to do it, be sure to visit a reputable doctor and clinic.

It is recommended to use less risky alternative methods such as plasma jet for fleshy noses, filler injection for bony and crooked noses, and thread for nose lift.

Of course, keep in mind that the changes in all these methods are temporary and partial.

Therefore, you should not have unreasonable expectations from them or any changes to the extent of nose surgery.

The best doctor to inject enzymes into the fleshy nose

Finding a specialist and experienced doctor and getting advice is the most important prerequisite for injecting enzymes into the fleshy nose.

Unfortunately, it has been observed many times in the medical community that financial issues are the priority of some doctors.

As it was said, an abnormal and high amount of enzyme can damage the normal tissue of the nose.

So sometimes it is difficult and even impossible to repair the damage.

First of all, the injecting doctor’s duty is to maintain normal function and not disturb the person’s respiratory mechanism.

After considering this importance, he should consider the beauty and fit of the person’s nose.

We are proud that Find Clinic has helped you in choosing the best doctor and clinics To minimize the risk of wrong injection.

What is the shelf life of nasal enzyme injection and the amount of reduction?

The shelf life of nasal enzyme injection depends on various factors.

This amount is different for each person depending on their body and lifestyle.

In general, the average shelf life of this method is estimated between 2 and 5 years.

Post-injection care is directly related to durability.

In exceptional cases such as excessive obesity and pregnancy, 20-30% changes in the size of the nose are observed.

If changes are observed, it can be returned to the original state by performing re-injection sessions.

It should be noted that this method is not permanent and needs to be renewed annually to ensure durability.

Steps of nose reduction with hyalase enzyme

As mentioned, the first and most important part of any treatment method is to choose a specialist and experienced doctor for that treatment.

Therefore, first of all, consult a specialist doctor and share your doubts and questions with him.

There is no need for anesthesia for the injection, and local anesthesia prevents the occurrence and feeling of pain.

After local anesthesia, the doctor injects substances into different areas of the nose depending on the need. This method takes place between 2 to 6 sessions at intervals of one to two weeks, depending on the request and taste of the applicant and, of course, the doctor’s diagnosis. If you have a history of herpes and skin allergies, be sure to inform your doctor.

Advice and care after nasal enzyme injection

Strictly avoid any itching and touching and massaging the nose for a few days.

After injecting the enzyme into the nose, according to the doctor’s opinion and according to his suggested instructions, use a nasal tape (usually 8 hours a day)

Refraining from bathing and wetting the injection areas and any contact with water for 24 hours after the injection of hyalase enzyme

Attend the meetings recommended by the doctor to check the changes in the nose after the injection.

Follow the number of sessions recommended by the doctor to reach the desired form.

Use a cold compress if swelling is observed after consulting a doctor.

The cost of nasal enzymes

The cost of nose shrinking enzyme injection does not have a specific amount.

This cost varies according to the amount of enzyme consumed and the doctor’s salary, the city, the brand of the enzyme and the number of sessions.

To find out about the price of meat nasal enzyme injection, contact the selected doctors introduced by Find Clinic. Find out about the average price of this treatment method while consulting and clearing ambiguity.

It is better to consult several doctors to get the average price.

Is the injection of enzyme into the nose the same as corticosteroid injection?

No, the enzyme has an effect on the tissue and fat cells of the nose, but corticosteroid injection has another use.

Corticosteroid injection is prescribed for people who have nasal swelling after nose surgery.

Corticosteroid injections are a group of medicines that are used to control allergic sensitivity and reduce inflammation after nose surgery.

Corticosteroids sometimes weaken a person’s immune system.

Corticosteroid injection is used to reduce the usual swelling caused by nose surgery and, in some cases, to prevent scarring.

The duration of inflammation caused by surgery varies depending on the person’s body, the surgical method and even the level of mastery and expertise of the doctor.

Initial swelling caused by nose surgery usually subsides within 2 weeks. Secondary swelling caused by nose surgery may last up to a year.

Frequently asked questions about nasal enzyme injection

What is nasal enzyme injection?

Nose reduction enzyme injection is one of the new nose reduction methods for fleshy noses.

Does the enzyme injection make the nose smaller?

Yes, if you qualify. This method is usually effective on people with fleshy noses, join us to introduce reputable clinics in the field of nasal enzyme injection.

Is it dangerous to inject enzymes into the nose?

In general, the enzyme used in this method affects only the fatty tissue of the nose and is fully compatible with the human body.

If the injection into the nose is performed by a non-specialist, other parts of the nasal tissue may be damaged.

All reported injuries are caused by the lack of skill and expertise of the doctor or referral to non-reputable centres.

Does it hurt to inject enzymes into the nose?

No, due to the local anesthesia, no pain is felt in this procedure, although it is expected to feel pain in the first hours of the injection.

Is shrinking enzyme injection suitable for your nose?

If you have a fleshy nose, you are the main candidate for this treatment method, but first of all, consultation with a specialist doctor is recommended.

What is the number of shrinking enzyme injection sessions?

According to the doctor’s opinion, it can be between 2 to 6 sessions at intervals of one to two weeks between sessions.

How long after the injection of the enzyme into the nose can the initial effects be observed?

Depending on the person’s body, it usually takes 3 weeks to achieve the desired result.

How long does enzyme nose reduction last?

Usually between 2 years and 5 years, depending on the condition and style of the person. Excessive obesity and pregnancy can reduce durability.

Is the cost of nose shrinking enzyme injection less than surgery?

Yes, this method costs less.

The cost of nose-shrinking enzyme injection varies depending on several factors, such as the amount of enzyme consumed, the doctor’s salary, the city, the brand of the enzyme, and the number of sessions. On the other hand, according to NHS, the cost of nose reshaping surgery in the UK ranges from £4,000 to £7,000.
Please note that it is important to consult with a licensed professional, such as a plastic surgeon, to discuss the risks and benefits of each procedure before making a decision.

How long is the recovery period after nasal enzyme injection?

After each injection session, the applicant is able to continue his usual daily activities.

How long can you take a bath after injecting the enzyme into the nose?

Only pay attention to the instructions suggested by your doctor, but in general, avoid contact with water, smoking, and bathing for 24 hours after the injection.

What is the cost of nose shrinking enzyme injection?

The price of nasal enzyme injection varies according to each city and depends on the amount, the brand of consumables and the doctor’s salary.

How long should I use the nasal tape after the enzyme injection?

First of all, only pay attention to the instructions suggested by your doctor, but in general, for two weeks, 8 hours a day.

How to find the best nasal enzyme injection doctor?

At Find Clinic, we introduce you to the most experienced, most reliable and best medical clinics in the field of hyalase enzyme injection for the nose.

How is nasal enzyme injection?

After preliminary examinations and estimation of the number of necessary sessions, after local anesthesia, the enzyme is injected into different areas of the nose.

What are the alternative methods of enzymes to reduce meaty noses?

Rhinoplasty, plasma jet (filler or gel injection is not among nose shrinking methods)

How many days does the swelling caused by nose shrinking enzyme injection last?

The swelling caused by the injection disappears after 3 to 4 days.

What is hyalase or hyaluronidase enzyme?

This enzyme is naturally present in the body and causes the breakdown of hyaluronic acid molecules. Hyalaronidase is available in the form of 1500 ampoules under the brand name Hyalase.

What should I do before the enzyme injection to shrink the nose?

After getting familiar with the nose-shrinking enzyme injection method, consult with several specialist doctors before any action.

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