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Chin implants are types of implants associated with chin augmentation or as known as mentoplasty or genioplasty. As it sounds, it is an implant inserted in the chin area to give your face more balance and structure.

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Best Chin Implant Doctors

Dr. Shahriar Yahyavi Facial Plastic Surgeon (ENT specialist) with 19 years of experience and is located in Tehran, Iran.

ENT Specialist

Dr. Hadi Amali is Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with 18 years of experience and located in Tehran, Iran.
Dr. Farhood Goravanchi is Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with 14 years of experience and located in Tehran, Iran.

Chin Implant in Summary

Trip length

7 days

Surgery duration

2-5 hours


Local anesthesia

Recovery time

5-7 days

Hospital stay

No hospitalization (in most cases)

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Chin Implant in Iran: All you need to know

You might feel that your face shape is out of proportion for a specific reason, but you still don’t know what the reason could be. Well, let me tell you that sometimes the problem could be with your chin. You might be wondering how the shape of your chin could affect your whole face’s appearance. Being one of the main highlighted focal points in your face, the chin makes the base of your face and neck. It doesn’t just affect the face and neck contours as it could also play an important role in how your jawline and nose are perceived. So, it does have a pretty essential impact on the overall appearance of the face, more than most people usually realize.

In order to enhance your facial structures and bring that distinctive face shape to life, chin implants are now being made and used to give you that defined jawline. Thus, reinforcing the rest of your facial features and providing a much better balance between them.

Chin implant surgery cost in Iran

Iran is one of the best countries in the field of plastic surgery providing this procedure at affordable prices and with high-quality medical techniques. Not forgetting to mention the well-experienced doctors and the most modern medical services that the hospitals have to offer. Stay with us to know all about chin implants in Iran.

In fact, many people consider Iran for their chin implant surgery because:

  • Iran has the most experienced plastic surgeons.
  • They can get affordable chin implant and cosmetic surgeries.
  • They can utilize high-quality and modern clinics.

Chin implant price in Iran depends on some different factors. Generally, it starts from $800.

What is a chin implant?

Chin implants are implants associated with chin augmentation, mentoplasty, or genioplasty. As it sounds, it is an implant inserted in the chin to give your face more balance and structure.

Those implants are used to build a better shape and improve the face’s proportions. Chin implant surgery is considered a very easy plastic surgery, yet the results are fascinating and could boost your confidence and self-esteem.

In this procedure, an incision is made either on the inner side of your lower lip or under your chin. Then a pocket is made to contain the implant. After that, the implant is secured in its place by suturing it to the mandible or just by being held in the pocket itself.

Male chin implant? Is that a thing?

Men also have the right to look after themselves and strive for the look of their dreams. So, male chin implants were made to make you more attractive and feel better about yourself.

The main difference between male and female chin implants is the purpose and goal of the implant. Knowing that the feminine and masculine chin are very different, male chin implants often aim to result in a more squared chin shape to give men that sharp look and a more pronounced chin bone compared to what women want. Of course, these qualities are different from one patient to another, depending on personal preferences and the desired shape they are trying to achieve.

Chin implant removal, and why would I need to remove it?

If you felt unsatisfied with the new shape of your chin, whether the implant was too small or large, or you did not like how your chin looked after the procedure and want it back to its pre-operative form, a chin implant removal can be performed.

Chin implant removal is done by making a small incision under the chin, taking the implant out, and stitching the wound. You should remember that if the implant is large, your chin might not return to its previous shape.

Your skin might loosen up and get saggy after the removal. With that being said, you should be careful when picking the implant to get the ideal result you are looking for.

How much does a chin implant cost?

Depending on the type of implant you are getting, its size, and many other factors, a typical chin augmentation would cost somewhere between $3,100 and $3,700 in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom.

But in Iran, knowing the affordable prices it offers, you could save a lot of money as a chin augmentation costs only $1,000. Remember that a low price does not mean you are getting a botched surgery, as we all know how skilled and qualified Iranian surgeons are.

How can I get a chin implant in Iran?

If you are a man or a woman considering getting a chin implant in Iran, all you have to do is to get into contact with GOMEDIRAN. We will provide you with a free consultation and as much information on the surgery as possible, besides many other services, which will make sure to relieve travel arrangements and hassle so that your trip would be comfortable and smooth.

There are a lot of other features we provide that could be useful to you, such as making hotel reservations, finding the best surgeons, and providing you with an interpreter to help you communicate easier with the doctors and medical staff.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Chin Implant

How much is a chin implant?

With its reasonable and affordable prices, a chin implant in Iran only costs $1,000, which is way cheaper than other countries that could charge you up to $3,700.

Are chin implants safe?

Chin augmentation is considered one of the safest plastic surgeries, as the complications are rare and infrequent if you choose a skilled and qualified surgeon.

Can you feel chin implant?

No, a chin implant would probably feel like your natural chin. And after you recover, no one would be able to tell that you had a surgery done on your chin. All of that is possible because the manufacturer companies are making these implants out of silicon, which does not feel weird under the skin, more like natural tissue, firm, but yielding.

Do chin implants need to be replaced?

In general, a chin implant is a permanent one. So, no. You do not have to worry about replacing it after a while as it can usually last a life time.

Is chin implant permanent?

As long as you are happy with the results and you don’t want the implant to be removed, then yes. A chin implant is permanent as it is secured into place during the operation and will not shift or change its place.

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