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Popular Cosmetic Procedures in Iran

A mommy makeover surgery combines various plastic surgery techniques targeted toward eradicating the insecurities facing a huge number of women who have been through pregnancy and breastfeeding.
A lip lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is done to create balance and a more esthetical acceptable shape of your lips by shortening the distance between your nose and upper lip, thus, increasing the amount of pink tissue that is visible. This makes the lips look fuller and more in shape.
Tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery that involves removing extra skin and fat cells from the abdomen and tightening the muscles in the belly.
Generally speaking, eyebrow lift surgery is aimed at upper face rejuvenation. Whether you are born with heavy brows and “hooded eyes” or the process of aging has affected your appearance, causing your forehead skin to lose its elasticity, leading to wrinkles, furrows, frown lines, and sagging skin, an eyebrow lift will fix them all. Typically, the need for this operation occurs in patients over 35 years of age (forehead and eyebrow lift surgeries are popular not only among women but also among men).
Dimple surgery is a type of plastic surgery used to create dimples on the cheeks. Dimple surgery as minor plastic surgery is performed in Iran by an elite of plastic surgeons to give natural-looking dimples.
Cool sculpting is one of the non-surgical body countering methods, which is nowadays becoming the most popular fat reduction procedure around the globe.
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Cosmetic Surgeries in Iran:
All You Need to Know

Plastic surgery abroad has become a captivating blend of transformative experiences and international exploration. As individuals seek to enhance their physical appearance, they embark on a journey that extends beyond the confines of their own country. Venturing into unknown territories, they are greeted by a realm where beauty knows no borders. Amidst the allure of ancient cultures and breathtaking landscapes, these intrepid souls entrust their dreams of metamorphosis to skilled surgeons in foreign lands. The act of reshaping one’s body becomes a profound narrative of self-discovery, as individuals embrace the convergence of aesthetic refinement and cross-cultural encounters. Plastic surgery abroad not only redefines physical appearances but also illuminates the limitless possibilities that exist when one dares to step outside the familiar and embraces the unknown in pursuit of their aspirations.

Iran has gained a reputation in cosmetic and plastic surgeries. The demand for plastic and cosmetic surgeries in Iran in recent years has boomed in Iran and the region. In the meanwhile, undergoing numerous cosmetic surgeries, Iranian plastic surgeons became much more experienced and kept themselves updated at the global level. Being an inexpensive country, made Iran an affordable destination for medical tourism from all around the world.

Plastic surgery versus cosmetic surgery (what is the difference)?

Many people think plastic and cosmetics are the same and use them interchangeably, but technically they are not exactly the same. They are related but are not the same. Many plastic surgeons focus on cosmetic surgeries, which is why people think they are the same. Plastic and cosmetic surgeries both try to improve the face and body of people. Still, in the cosmetic surgery field, mostly goal is to enhance the appearance while in plastic surgery the main goal is to repair and reconstruct the appearance and function of the body and face of the patient.

Who is the best cosmetic surgeon in the world?

Determining the absolute best cosmetic surgeon in the world is an endeavor that dances on the delicate line between subjectivity and expertise. Within the realm of aesthetic refinement, countless skilled surgeons have honed their craft to perfection, leaving an indelible mark on the field. While some may argue that excellence can be measured through accolades and recognition, the true essence of the best cosmetic surgeon lies beyond mere accolades. It is an amalgamation of artistic vision, surgical mastery, empathetic understanding, and a profound dedication to their patients’ well-being. The best cosmetic surgeon possesses an unwavering commitment to consistently push the boundaries of innovation and enhance their expertise through continuous learning. They are not confined by geographical borders but rather inspire individuals from every corner of the globe to seek their transformative touch. Ultimately, the title of the best cosmetic surgeon is an ephemeral one, for it resides in the hearts and minds of those who have been forever changed by their extraordinary talents.

Who is the best cosmetic surgeon in Iran?

Almost all plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Iran claim to be the best, most expensive, and most famous surgeons in Iran or even the world. There is no contest or any award that can say someone is better than the other ones. There are even very young and inexperienced cosmetic surgeons who have hired a good marketing team and made very fancy websites and Instagram pages using manipulated beautiful images and videos and so by that, they claim to be the most famous and expensive surgeons in Iran.

How to arrange your medical trip?

There are many ways for you to arrange your cosmetic holiday, from doing all the research and setting yourself up to buying a tailor-made fully arranged medical trip from a reputable and reliable medical facilitator.

Surgery aftercare (What to do to recover faster)

After cosmetic surgeries there are things-to-do and not-to-do, here is a list of general instructions about your recovery period. Patients can influence their recovery and have a better and faster recovery by following some instructions.

  • Smoke: Smoking makes recovery harder by stressing your heart, affecting your blood pressure, damaging your lungs, and reducing oxygen in your blood and body tissues.
  • Drink alcohol: It significantly increases the risk of wound infection by diminishing the body’s resistance to bacteria and other harmful elements.
  • Be alone: Ask a responsible adult you know to be with you. He/ She will drive you home, help you throughout your domestic affairs, or answers your messages and phone calls.
  • Be out in the sun: Smoking makes recovery harder by stressing your heart, affecting your blood pressure, damaging your lungs, and reducing oxygen in your blood and body tissues.
  • Take a shower: Your wounds after the surgery need to be dry and clean in the first days following your surgery. Your surgeon due to your surgery will tell you when you can have a shower. Avoid swimming pools, baths and saunas at least for 1 month after your surgery.

The first 2 days after your cosmetic surgery, you should:

  • Get lots of rest: For the first 48 hours after your surgery you should rest. Your doctor may recommend you to limit your activities for 3 weeks. Listen to your body while you are healing and don’t push yourself.
  • Take medications as prescribed: Don’t stop taking your tablets or using your ointments when you want. You should follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully. So that you can manage your pain and reduce the risk of infection.
  • Stay hydrated as much as you can: Whether you’ve had a minor procedure or a large-scale surgery, drinking six to eight glasses of water will deplete your toxins and helps your tissues to rejuvenate themselves.
  • Eat slowly and chew your food well: Whether you are starving or you are experiencing increased appetite, chew your food as much as you can and eat slowly. This will help your body to absorb vitamins and minerals

The number of people undergoing cosmetic surgeries in Tehran is growing. Iran is the new hub for medical tourism because of its affordable cosmetic surgeries, experienced Iranian surgeons for a tummy tuck, bbl surgery, and a boob job. No one can compete with the Best Iranian cosmetic surgeons’ experience and affordable prices. Best Iranian plastic surgeons were educated and trained in top US, European, and Iran universities. People from around the world receive the best medical services in Iran and save up to 80% of their money compared to Europe and the UK. But it is not easy to find the right plastic surgeon in Iran for the best cosmetic surgery. We will connect you to the most reputable cosmetic surgeons in Iran. If you want to know tummy tuck cost in Iran, how much is a boob job Iran, mommy makeover cost, and liposuction cost Iran, Feel free to ask us.  

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