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Rhinoplasty and Pregnancy

Any surgery undergoing general anesthesia is forbidden for pregnant women. But there are some rules for rhinoplasty before and after pregnancy...

One of the most common questions asked by women when referring to rhinoplasty specialists is the relationship between pregnancy and rhinoplasty. The answer is that not only rhinoplasty but also any surgery undergoing general anesthesia is forbidden for pregnant women because anesthesia and surgery have a bad effect on the fetus, it is recommended that pregnant women who intend to do a rhinoplasty, do it two months after giving birth.

Pregnancy before rhinoplasty:

Rhinoplasty is a procedure that involves preoperative and postoperative (pre_op & post_op) procedures; therefore, for preparation and recovery, a gradual process must be followed. In other words, the process of healing the nose takes a long time, so for women who are going to become pregnant, it is important to know when their recovery period is over, so they can apply for childbearing.

Most rhinoplasty surgeons believe that after a period of healing, wounds have healed, and cartilage has tightened, it is possible to apply for childbearing. The recovery period after surgery varies from one to two months in different people. According to experts, women who are going to become pregnant can apply for pregnancy one month after rhinoplasty. There is no specific medical reason for interference with pregnancy after completing the recovery period.


Do not take any special medicine when you are pregnant to complete the result of rhinoplasty or to speed up your recovery process.


After rhinoplasty, get pregnant when the swelling of the nose is gone and the shape of the nose is visible, as your nose may need surgery again, such as raising the tip of the nose up after the main rhinoplasty to improve the final result. In such cases, if the person is pregnant, anesthetics maybe be harmful to the fetus. For this reason, it is better to wait for the final result of the rhinoplasty to be clear. In addition to the swelling around the nose that results from rhinoplasty, pregnancy also increases swelling throughout the body, especially in the face; therefore, the swelling of the nose will keep longer. However, this is normal because, after pregnancy, the nose puffiness will disappear and will not affect the before nose. It is recommended that if you decide to become pregnant, at least six months to a year have passed since your nose job.


Swelling from pregnancy causes nasal congestion, so patients who have had rhinoplasty may have more breathing issues with swelling inside the nose.


Patients should not get pregnant earlier than six months after rhinoplasty because a woman’s body experiences many changes during pregnancy. For example, the water collection and other biological changes in the tissues of the body and face will also cause changes in the appearance or structure of the nose, including nose swelling, thickening of the nasal mucosa, congestion in the nasal tissues, and sinus cavities, all these can cause problems for the nose that has just undergone surgery and is still back to normal.

Is pregnancy dangerous after rhinoplasty?

There will be no danger if there is an appropriate time interval between rhinoplasty and pregnancy. Wounds should be healed, nose swelling has to be removed, and the nose structure should be fixed. For this reason, after rhinoplasty to get pregnant, it is recommended that this time is not less than six months. In fact, rhinoplasty a year after pregnancy is allowed.

Rhinoplasty during pregnancy

Rhinoplasty during pregnancy is not recommended because, to have rhinoplasty, the patient must be anesthetized. To relieve pain and prevent infection after the surgery, it is necessary to take medication and pills, which have a bad effect on the fetus. To prevent these issues, most doctors prescribe pregnancy tests for married women before doing rhinoplasty, so surgery is not allowed if the test is positive.

However, rhinoplasty will be performed if a pregnant woman has respiratory problems due to deviation of the nasal septum.

Rhinoplasty after pregnancy

A few months after delivery and the mother’s body is stable, she will be physically and mentally ready for nose surgery. However, special care should be taken during breastfeeding to ensure that the baby is not harmed, as the medication prescribed by the doctor or anesthetics may remain in breast milk for up to 12 hours. For this reason, it is recommended that breast milk be stored for the baby for a few days before surgery.


For young women who are experiencing the wonderful feeling of motherhood for the first time, it is not recommended to ruin this beautiful feeling with surgery and stress during recovery. This stress and anxiety may also pass on to the baby through breast milk.

Rhinoplasty and breastfeeding period

The baby is as dependent on the mother as the fetal period. Since the baby is fed directly from breast milk, the mother should be careful because most of the food that the mother uses enters the milk and affect the baby directly. For this reason, utilizing some food and medicines during this period is not recommended. Since you usually have to take medicine for a while after rhinoplasty to prevent infection, pain, and other cases, it is better to postpone rhinoplasty until the end of breastfeeding.

To improve the outcome of the surgery, pay attention to the following points:

• It is best for women who are going to do rhinoplasty to make sure they are not pregnant before any procedure.

• Women who have given birth should wait at least four months.

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