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What is Ear Cosmetic Surgery? (Autoplasty)

With the increasing development of medical science, specialists have become very capable to treat many problems in beauty. People’s beauty may be disturbed by birth or due to some incidents. Today, our doctors have acquired many abilities in this field. One of these restorations, which specialist doctors have become very proficient in, is ear surgery, or Autoplasty. In this method, inconsistencies, the inappropriateness of the shape of the ears, the inappropriateness of the location of the ears and the size of the ears will be investigated and will be repaired.

Of course, should be mentioned that performing this ear surgery is possible if the person is over five years old. Of course, some of these ear surgeries are performed immediately after delivery. This is if the ear problems are congenital. In this article, we will explain about the types of ear surgery, ear cosmetic surgery, complications of ear surgery, and such things.

Ear surgery procedures

First, to know what you should do before and after the operation, you consult a plastic surgeon. By examining the ears, the doctor can tell you the right way for ear cosmetic surgery.

First, after performing examinations and tests (in some cases), the person gets information about anesthesia, which may be done locally or generally. After anesthesia, which is approved by the doctor and the person. The doctor will make an incision behind the ear.

Most of the incisions made for ear surgery will be behind the ear, but sometimes doctors have to make an incision from the front. In this case, our experienced doctors make incisions in such a way that the suture is placed in the folds of the ear and is not visible to people. Then the specialist doctor will remove the skin and gain access to the cartilage. Because there are many types of ear surgery, we will not be able to continue here. But the important issue is the experience and expertise of our beauty doctors in this field.

Who are the candidates for ear surgery?

In certain cases, people should undergo surgery. In many cases, ear injuries are only cosmetic, but in some cases, the ears are also damaged. In both cases, it is better that the person’s ear undergoes ear surgery, because the ear is also visible like the rest of the external parts of the body, and it will have a great impact on the person’s beauty. Even many people use ornaments (juwerly) to make them more beautiful. But which people are candidates for ear surgery? Here we describe some of these examples that require surgery:

Types of ears


Microtia ears

These ears are extremely small. In this model of ears, measures should be taken to make them bigger to bring them to a normal size suitable for the head.

Macrotia ears

This example of ears has much larger sizes than the head, which make people look very ugly. With surgery on these ears, they are adjusted to the size of the head.

Cat ears

People whose ears have grown like cat ears, the edge of this model is bent forward.

Broad ears

There are those who even say that the ears are so broad that they come close to touching the shoulders, their ears will be so low on their face that it would appear uncomfortable or even be uncomfortable for the person who has them.

Folded ears

It is a common external ear deformity that does not cause any hearing abnormalities. However, it is a deformity that usually remains with a person into adulthood.

Sticking-Out Ears

Ears that stick out more than 2 cm from the side of the head are considered to be prominent or protruding. Protruding ears don’t cause any functional problems such as hearing loss.

Pointed ears or Elf ears 

Elf ear a type of ear deformity present at birth and often corrected early in life. Also called “Spock’s ear” by some individuals, an ear normally develops with two folds of cartilage. With a Stahl’s ear, a third fold of cartilage is present. If the upper portion of the ear (helix) unfurls, the result is a pointed ear.

Care before and after ears cosmetic surgery

In ear cosmetic surgery, there is no need for pre-operative care, you just need to inform the doctor about the medications you are taking so that you don’t have any issues during the procedure. But after care ears surgery will be like any recovery period after surgery. It is better to remember all the doctor’s instructions after the ear surgery and follow them carefully to avoid any problems. Use the prescription prescribed by the doctor completely, complete the course of treatment. It is normal to feel pain after the surgery in the ears area and these pains are with the patient so that the meditations have their effects and the body gets used to the new and suitable ears. It is better to keep your mouth open while sneezing so as not to hurt your ears. Avoid emptying the nasal mucus by pressing because it will cause hurt to your newly operated ear. It is better to avoid carrying any heavy equipment for three days. Water is like poison for your ears, until the treatment period is complete, it is better to avoid washing your ears and also avoid going to the swimming pool for a long time, so that your treatment ends successfully. The recovery period in ear surgery includes three days, and it is better to keep your head up during these three days so that your ear can fit easily. If your newly operated ear bleeds or discharges blood, it is better to see your doctor immediately.

Advantages of ears cosmetic surgery

Like some other parts of the body, the ear is very effective in the beauty of people. People who have problems with the appearance of their ears have very low self-confidence. Sometimes ears may be hidden under people’s hair, but this invisibility is very short-term and the inappropriate appearance of the ears will be exposed again. Therefore, cosmetic surgery for the ear is very important and many people will pay special attention to this ear surgery. When your ear problems are solved, your self-confidence will increase and you will be able to be present in groups easily. The beautiful appearance of the ear may be normal in opinions, but the inappropriate appearance of the ear always attracts opinions and therefore causes the person not to be present in any group.

Frequently asked questions in the field of ears surgery

People always face questions that are very important for them to perform some surgeries. Here we have tried to answer some questions that are very common among patients. In the hope that we can answer your questions. These questions are complicated among many people and are of higher importance.

The cost of ear cosmetic surgery

As you can see in most cosmetic surgeries, these costs will be quite variable. You may pay a huge amount for one doctor as the cost of cosmetic ear surgery, but for another doctor, you will pay a normal fee. Also, the hospital or clinic is very effective in your ear surgery, both in terms of performing the operation and in terms of the cost of the ear operation. Therefore, people can consider the cost of performing this cosmetic surgery when visiting our specialist doctors. Then proceed to cosmetic surgery.

Does ear surgery affect hearing?

This question is one of the questions that many people have in their minds before undergoing ear surgery. In answer to this question, we must say that this type of action is completely for beauty and has nothing to do with a person’s hearing. This surgery affects only the outer ear area and has nothing to do with the person’s hearing mechanism and the inner ear area.

When does a person fully recover after cosmetic ear surgery?

After ear surgery, the recovery and care period is less than a week, but complete recovery does not happen during this time. Within a week after the operation, the complications will gradually disappear and the person will gradually recover, but the person’s full recovery period will be three to four weeks after the operation.

When is the right time to perform ear cosmetic surgery?

This type of operation is performed for people at a time when, if it is congenital, the ear has reached its full development. The age at which the ear has reached its full growth & development is 5 to 6 years old, and it is also the best time for The operation will be done at the same age. But sometimes some ears suffer from some cosmetic problems due to accidents, in which case it is better to consult our specialist doctors so that they can determine the right time for you to perform the ear surgery.

When can the main result be observed after the operation?

When the ear surgery is done completely and the person regains full consciousness, he can witness the result of his operation. But in order to see the main result of the surgery, you have to wait for four to six weeks. Of course, it will be much better to see the result after four weeks because at this time the recovery has been done to a very high extent and the ear will no longer be swollen. h

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