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What is Prosthesis paxi (breast lift + implant)?

What is Prosthesis pexi (breast lift + implant)? | Durability, results, complications and cost

Kill two birds with one stone and experience two beauty procedures in just one operation. It may seem weird, but breast lift + implant surgery, which is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, provides you with this possibility easily.

In fact, you can perform the breast lift operation along with the breast prosthesis, in one day and at the same time. Right now you can imagine what wonderful results this surgery can bring.

Breast lift + implant surgery saves you from the risk of anesthesia complications of another surgery, knowing this is enough to be more motivated to perform this surgery. But we advise you to get good information about all aspects of this sensitive surgery before any action. For information, you can go to a specialist and experienced doctor to know all the points related to your body. The good news is that there is enough information in this content regarding the breast lift + implant procedure, so be patience and review the mentioned points well. Don’t forget that adequate awareness and information is a guarantee to maintain your health, because it causes don’t go near water until you learn how to swim.

What is breast lift + implant surgery?

The shape of women’s breasts usually undergoes changes due to various factors, which are sometimes not pleasant, either it falls (droopy) and hangs or it becomes wrinkled. Currently, there are various surgeries to correct the shape of women’s breasts.

In the breast prosthesis operation, according to the extent to which a person tends to have breasts protruding, the surgeon places the prosthesis in the breast tissue so that in addition to making the breasts look bigger, they also find a better shape. This operation is also very useful for women who have relatively small breasts.

In some cases, the breast has a good size, but it looks droopy. In these cases, the doctor corrects the shape of the breast only by performing a breast lift, in which the breast is completely pulled up and the excess skin is removed.

Today, based on the needs of the clients, another type of breast surgery has found a lot of use, in which, in addition to placing a breast prosthesis, the breast is also lifted upwards in the same operation. This combined operation of breast lift and implant, which happens simultaneously, is called breast lift + implant surgery.

What are the factors that make breast lift + implant mandatory?

The shape of women’s breasts changes due to various factors, these changes are so severe in some cases that they make surgery a necessary operation. In the following, we examine the factors that cause these drastic changes:

Pregnancy and hormonal changes

The period of breastfeeding that changes the shape of the breasts.

Severe weight changes (especially significant weight loss),

age increasing,

The influence of genetic factors and heredity,

Loosening of the breasts.

Suitable candidate for surgery

Considering that each breast problem can be corrected with one type of surgery, you should consider which type is best option for you. People who have the following conditions can also use breast lift + implant:

Women who have severely sagging breasts.

Those who have small breast tissue and it is so-called flat.

Nipples are also a determining factor, those who have droopy nipples can use this method.

Breasts that are not symmetrical.

Those who want to increase the size of their breasts and make them look more prominent.

People who have suffered a lot of damage to the shape and texture of their breasts due to some external conditions such as aging, multiple pregnancies, and cancer surgeries can also use this method.

What points should you consider for breast prosthesis surgery?

An important part of the breast lift + implant surgery is the implantation of the prosthesis, which causes a significant increase in the size of the breasts. When you want to make a decision regarding this part of the surgery, you should consider 4 important and basic factors. These factors include:

Type of incision and implantation of prosthesis

There are three common incisions for breast augmentation, and the surgeon chooses a suitable type by examining the breasts. The types of these incision are as follows:

 Inframammary incision: In this method, the surgeon makes an incision under the folds of the breasts and so-called under the crescent of the breasts. This method is very useful compared to other breast cutting techniques, because the scar is easily hidden under the breasts. Among the other advantages of this method, we can mention its low complications, also in this method there is optimal access to the breast tissue and the doctor can perform this surgery with high precision.

Transaxillary incision: In this method, incisions are made in the armpit instead of under the breast. One of the disadvantages of this technique is that the incision scars are easily visible.

Periareolar incision: In this method, the surgeon makes incisions in the nipple; A relatively rare method that sometimes the doctor recommends it for certain conditions.

The size of the prosthesis

One of the most important parts of breast prosthesis surgery is choosing the size of the prosthesis. When it comes to this part of the breast lift + implant surgery, there are several factors to consider in order to make a smart choice. Considerations such as your chest wall shape, body shape, lifestyle, goals and expectations should be taken into account. A caring and experienced surgeon can help you decide what size and shape is best for you.

Breast size increase up to 2 sizes more than natural breasts looks very normal and standard.

The form and shape of the prosthesis

The form and shape of breast prostheses are divided into two main categories, which you can choose according to your ideal shape.

Round prostheses: Women who want to have more prominent breasts than usual choose this type of prosthesis. Also, for women who have very loose breast tissue, this type of prosthesis can be a very good choice. Round prostheses, round the appearance of the breasts in a desirable way and improve their shape, for this reason this type of prosthesis is suitable among those who have had significant tissue removed from their breasts due to breast cancer.

Teardrop prostheses: The upper part of the teardrop prostheses is less thick than the bottom, and the lower parts are fuller. This type of prosthesis makes the shape of the breasts teardrop and makes the appearance of the breasts look very desirable.

Type of prosthesis

Silicone and saline (saltwater) prostheses are among the most widely used prostheses that are used in breast lift + implant surgery today. The choice of each type depends on various factors such as expectations, preferences and body type of the person.

Silicone prostheses are more expensive than saline prostheses and require larger incisions, but these types of prostheses are more similar to breast tissue and evoke a real feeling. Silicone implants are a professional choice for those with very small breast tissue.

Saline prostheses are suitable for people who have relatively good breast tissue; Because with the smallest change in volume and shape, they change the breasts. Both types of prostheses last about 15 to 20 years and have excellent safety records.

Breast lift surgery methods

Another important stage of breast lift + implant surgery is breast lift. There is a simple test to determine breast sagging, by doing this test you can easily determine your breast sagging. Place a pencil as far under the breast as possible. If the pencil is under the breasts and does not fall to the ground, your breasts are probably sagging. You can also check how far the nipples are from the pencil, if the nipples are lower than the pencil, you can consider it as a sign of sagging breasts.

One of the most important factors that cause breast sagging is the loss of breast volume. Breast sagging has a direct relationship with age, extreme weight fluctuations and the number of pregnancies. In general, there are three main types of techniques to perform breast lift surgery. These three techniques are as follows.

Crescent breast lift

This technique is mostly used for those who have less sagging breasts. In this method, only one incision is made in the area along the upper outer side of the halo, and the incisions made in this technique are mostly invisible; Because they are placed in the darker pigment of the areola.

Periareolar breast lift

Areolar breast lift is sometimes known as donut lift. This technique is a good option for people who have a slight sagging breast and get positive results with just a subtle lift. In this method, the surgeon creates a circular incision around the entire outer edge of the breast halo and applies the necessary changes. In this method, a scar remains from the incisions, which is relatively visible.

Vertical breast lift

A vertical lift is generally suitable for women who have moderate breast sagging and need to significantly change the shape of their breasts. Two incisions are required for this technique. A circular incision is made around the outer side of the areola and another vertical incision is made from the bottom of the areola to the natural fold of the breast (inframammary fold).

To better visualize the incisions, consider a lollipop, as the cuts are made exactly in the shape of a lollipop. In some cases, this technique is also known as lollipop lift.

Anchor breast lift (inverted T)

In this method, incisions are made in the form of an anchor. This method is used for women who need a dramatic change in shape to improve sagging breasts. This method, also known as the inverted T method, requires making 3 incisions:

An incision is made around the outer side of the areola, just like the incision made in an areola lift.

The second incision is made vertically from the bottom of the areola towards the inframammary fold.

The third incision is made horizontally along the natural fold of the breast, all of which are aimed at correcting the shape of the breast.

Preoperative recommendations

In order to reduce the possible complications caused by surgery, it is better to observe some things before the operation. These are as follows:

Ensure your general health by performing various tests and detailed medical examinations.

Have a stable weight for a certain period of time, preferably around a year.

It is better to stop smoking, especially cigarettes, 14 days before the operation. Smoking greatly increases the risk of complications and may cause serious problems.

Recovery time

Wounds should be bandaged immediately after the operation so that the breasts do not swell. Also, doctors temporarily place tubes under the skin of the breast so that excess fluid can drain through it and not collect under the skin.

To relieve pain and prevent infection, the doctor prescribes certain medicine, painkillers to reduce pain and antibiotics to reduce the possibility of infection. It is better to take these medicines according to the doctor’s instructions.

In some cases, the doctor prescribes wearing special bras around the clock, it is better to use these bras continuously for six to eight weeks so that the wounds heal as quickly as possible and you can return to normal life conditions.

Complications of prosthesis Pexy surgery

Pexi prosthesis surgery, like any other surgery, has various side effects. Among the most important and common side effects of this surgery, we can mention the following:


Pain in the breasts

Negative reactions to anesthetics

Swollen breasts

Necrosis of the nipple (in this case, blood supply to the nipple may be disturbed.) This complication occurs mostly in those who have severe breast sagging and their doctor does not have enough experience.

Decreased sensitivity in the nipples and skin of the breasts and experiencing a certain type of numbness (this numbness may be permanent or temporary).

infection; which can be controlled to a large extent with the use of antibiotics.

feeling of tightness in the chest area,

Deformation of the chest wall

Post-operative care

This surgery, like other surgeries, is highly sensitive, so it brings you with limitations. These restrictions include the following:

You are never allowed to sleep on your chest and you must sleep in a supine position. This should be followed for two weeks.

Because this surgery is associated with pain, it is better to avoid pressing or massaging the breasts when you feel pain.

Sutures are usually absorbable, so it is best not to manipulate them while they are in place.

Be patient with strenuous exercise and avoid any strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for six to eight weeks.

Use medical bras as long as your doctor advises you to use them.

Avoid sunbathing and solarium for one year.

Keep your weight stable.

It is better to use a cold water compress to reduce swelling and bruises.

What can be expected after breast lift + implant?

The positive results of the pexi prosthesis operation can be seen immediately after it, you must be patient enough to see the main results, because the body and especially the breasts need time after the operation to return to normal conditions.

Usually, after several months, when the post-operative complications disappear and the amount of swelling and bruising decreases, patients’ satisfaction increases significantly. Don’t forget that this surgery is very sensitive, so you must follow enough hygiene tips to get the most out of the results of your surgery after about a year. Note that maintaining a constant weight and a healthy lifestyle can keep your breasts in a normal shape for years; Therefore, breast surgery is not just a simple surgery and requires post-operative care to maintain positive results in the long term.

What is the cost of breast lift + implant surgery?

The cost of breast prosthesis must be paid completely by the person; Because this practice is one of the beauty practices and insurance does not cover it. The cost of breast prosthesis depends on factors such as the type of prosthesis used, the location of the clinic and the level of expertise and skill of the doctor. The important thing is that being cheap does not mean poor quality. Just as being more expensive cannot be a guarantee to trust the clinic and the doctor in question.

 You should thoroughly research the clinic and choose the best doctor for breast augmentation before doing breast augmentation. To the costs of breast prosthesis surgery, you should also add the costs of consultation sessions and pre-operative tests, and the cost of post-operative examinations and periodical examinations.

Can breast lift + implant surgery prevent pregnancy?

Our strong recommendation is to do this procedure after pregnancy. The shape of the breasts changes drastically during pregnancy due to hormonal changes, so the results of the operation may be affected and all the efforts you have made to correct the shape of your breasts may be lost. We advise you to consider whether you intend to become pregnant in the future or not when deciding to have a breast lift + implant procedure.

How long is the duration of the breast lift + implant?

In general, the durability of breast lift and prosthesis depends on various factors, but nowadays, according to the progress of medical science, new prostheses have a much higher durability than old prostheses. One of the important factors in the durability of prostheses is how you take care of them, it is better to learn the correct way of care from your doctor.

Does the breast prosthesis tear?

No, it is not possible to tear the breast prosthesis, unless low-quality and fake material is used.

Does a breast lift change the size of the breasts?

Breast lift has no effect on the size of the breasts and only causes the breasts to be pulled up and compensate for their sagging. If you intend to enlarge your breasts by surgery, it is better to perform breast lift + implant surgery. In this procedure, in addition to increasing the size of the breasts, which is done with the help of implanting a prosthesis, the shape of the breasts is also improved by using lift techniques. and creates a desirable appearance.

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