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What Is the Best Way to Enlarge the Breast?

Having well-shaped and proportional breasts is considered very important for women and increases their self-confidence and femininity.

What are the methods to enlarge the breast?

The breast is one of the special and important organs for increasing beauty and fitness for women. Having well-shaped and proportional breasts is considered very important for women and increases their self-confidence and femininity. Some people naturally have large and firm breasts, but some people have small breasts. There are various methods to increase the volume, and enhance the beauty and shape of the breast, such as exercise and surgical and non-surgical procedures, which we are going to discuss in this article.

Breast enlargement with exercise

Many women look for home and exercise methods to enlarge their breasts and shape them, which is a very good solution, but they should keep in mind that increasing the volume of the breasts with exercise is a long process and it requires commitment and adherence to principles.

With exercise, the level of estrogen and hormones in the body increases, and the glands and breast ducts of the breasts grow, which increases the volume of the breast. Women should know that in addition to sports exercises such as parallel bars, exercises with a special ball, etc.., they should follow a special and regular diet so that the body receives the number of carbohydrates and proteins necessary to increase the size, as well as the ideal fit.

Breast enlargement without surgery

Other methods of increasing breast volume are breast augmentation without surgery. Many women do not want to undergo surgery to enlarge their breasts. One should keep in mind that non-surgical methods are short-lived and lose their effectiveness after some time. Among the methods of breast enlargement without surgery, the following can be mentioned.

Injection of gel into the chest

Injection of gel or filler into the breast is one of the methods of breast enlargement without surgery. These gels are mainly made of hyaluronic acid and are compatible with the body, which is injected into the chest by special syringes with thin needles. Injection of gel into the breast has limited durability and depending on the compatibility of the filler with the person’s body, it lasts between 6 months and 2 years, after which it loses its properties and needs to be re-injected.

Acupuncture for breast enlargement

One of the methods of breast enlargement without surgery is acupuncture. According to the claims of providers of this method, it has no side effects, pain, or bleeding and is a natural method. Increasing breast volume with acupuncture is a time-consuming method, and you have to be very patient to see the results of the operation. Acupuncture helps to increase the volume of the breast by increasing blood circulation and increasing the vital energy of the body. The effect of this method is different in people and it cannot be considered a 100% effective method.

Using external prosthesis to increase breast volume

If you don’t plan to do breast shaping yet, but you want to have beautiful and well-shaped breasts, the external prosthesis is a non-surgical method that makes your breasts look beautiful and prominent. The external prosthesis is made of soft and light foams that you can get in different sizes and make it look better by putting it in your bra.

Breast enlargement with a device

The latest method of breast enlargement without surgery is the use of special devices, which are also low-risk. There are various devices to increase the size of the breast and they are widely advertised. It should be noted that the use of different devices to increase breast volume requires more research and it is not possible to comment on its accuracy.

Adonis devise for breast enlargement

Using Adonis for breast enlargement has four stages, the first stage starts with vibration and breast massage. The second stage is the suction and release of the breast so that the fat tissue of the breast is pressed and stimulated. The third stage is microcurrent therapy, in which the breast cells are stimulated by passing a weak electric current between the breast tissues. The fourth stage is photon therapy, which throws red light on the breasts, which increases the elasticity of the skin and tightens the breasts.

Chest vacuum machine

A breast vacuum or enlargement pump is a device to increase breast volume without surgery. Working with this device is very simple. The vacuum device acts like a fan, which means it puts pressure on the breast and fat tissue, and by increasing the blood flow in this area, it increases the volume and size of the breast. This device does not last long and loses) not permeant) its effect very soon. The vacuum device is suitable for people who want to shape and increase their breast size for a few minutes to an hour, and there is no scientific basis for its long-term durability.

Using surgery to enlarge the breast

It has been proven that breast augmentation surgery is one of the best options for a person and will bring the expected results for a very long time. The following can be mentioned among the cosmetic procedures of breast enlargement.

Breast prosthesis surgery

The most common and popular method of breast enlargement is implant placement or breast prosthesis, which makes the breasts stand out, corrects their shape, and increases their volume. Implants or prostheses are foreign bodies, most of which are made of silicone and have elasticity. By making an incision in the lower part of the breast, the surgeon places these prostheses under the fat tissue or under the muscle tissue of the breast. Then he sutures the cut area with absorbable sutures.

A good candidate for breast prosthesis

  1. People with small breasts.
  2. People do not have symmetrical breasts.
  3. People who have no problem with using and placing foreign bodies and prostheses in their bodies.
  4. People who do not have enough fat tissue to transfer to the breast.
  5. People who have had their breasts removed by surgery such as mastectomy.

Advantages of breast prosthesis surgery

  • Increase breast size as desired
  • Long-term life and durability of prostheses
  • Fix the unsymmetrical breast
  • Fixing looseness and slight sagging of the breast

The cost of breast implant surgery

Many factors should be taken into account to determine the cost of breast implant surgery. Because the purchase of a breast prosthesis is the responsibility of the individual, so to determine the price of the operation, the type and brand of the breast prosthesis, the surgeon’s fee, and the costs of the clinic or hospital should be checked. On average, the cost of breast prosthesis surgery is between 20 and 35 million Tomans.

Prosthesis Pexi operation to enlarge the breast

Prosthesis Pexi or prosthesis and breast lift is an operation that simultaneously performs a breast lift to remove sagging and lifting of the breast and then placing a breast implant to shape, increase the volume and highlight the breast. The surgeon shapes and lifts the breast by making an incision on the breast tissue and removing excess skin and placing the prosthesis under the breast muscles. In this procedure, placing the prosthesis under the pectoral muscle causes the breasts to sag less over time and the prosthesis pexi lasts longer.

A suitable candidate for Prosthesis Pexi

  • People who want to lift their breasts in addition to increasing the volume of the breast to remove loose skin.
  • People who are interested in breast enlargement after removing sagging and loosening.
  •  People who have too many sagging and loosening breast cannot be solved with breast prostheses alone.
  •  People who are thin and have small and sagging breasts.

 Advantages of prosthesis pexi operation

  •  Performing two actions at the same time
  • Removing sagging, loosening, and tightening of breast skin
  •  Increase in volume and breast size
  • Fix the asymmetry breast

The cost of the Prosthesis Pexi operation

The cost of Prosthesis Pexi is divided into two other parts in addition to the surgeon’s fee, the surgical team’s fee, and clinic or hospital fees. On the one hand, the cost of the breast lift operation and the equipment used, and on the other hand, the cost of buying a prosthesis and breast prosthesis operation is also added to it. The average cost of simultaneous breast lift and prosthesis (implant) surgery in Tehran is between 25 and 40 million Tomans.

Breast fat injection

The last method of breast enlargement is the use of fat injection. In this method, with the help of liposuction of the abdomen and flanks or liposuction of the thighs, the necessary fat from other parts of the body is provided for injection into the breast.

Fat injection into the breast increases the volume and size of the breast, and in addition, it greatly helps the beauty and shaping of the breast. The surgeon performs the operation by removing fat from other parts of the body using special devices and injecting fat into the breast with a special syringe. According to experience, fat injection into the breast leads to the possibility of infection, and as a result, it is better not to include it among the first options for breast enlargement.

A suitable candidate for breast fat injection:

  • People who have enough fatty tissue for breast injection.
  • People who want to do liposuction and lose body fat.
  • People who have asymmetry breasts.
  • People who have small defects in the breast.

Benefits of breast enlargement with fat injection

  • Fat removal from places where fat has accumulated.
  • Compatibility of fat with the body
  • Breast size increase
  • Fix the asymmetry breast

The cost of breast fat injection

The cost of breast fat injection includes three parts, the cost of sculpting and removing fat from the body, in which the costs of the equipment and devices used are calculated, the cost of fat injection with special equipment, and in the last stage, the salary of the surgeon and the surgical team. Costs related to clinics and hospitals.

What is the best way to increase the volume and enlarge the breast?

The best method for breast shaping and breast enlargement is a breast implant. Because long years of using this method and its successful results have proven that there is no better and more lasting method. The type of prostheses inside the breast makes them resistant and durable, and if you follow some simple tips, you can benefit from the results of the breast prosthesis even for the rest of your life.

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