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Wisdom Tooth and All That We Should Know About It

Something that we wait for to come out and once it is out the majority of us plan and visit the dentist to get it removed. Yes, we are talking about wisdom teeth.

The name is called wisdom teeth but once it is out it certainly does not add more to your knowledge and does not make any of us smarter.

These teeth located at the end of the mouth often force us to get our wisdom teeth removed. In this regard let us read till the end and understand all about wisdom teeth and why we remove them.

Facts About Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are molars, the hardest and widest teeth to grind food. But some people don’t have all of their wisdom teeth.

They are rarely found in the mouth of adults. Some believe that dietary changes have changed our jaws over the years. You are more likely to have problems with these molars than any other tooth.

Did you know that about 10 million wisdom teeth are extracted or extracted each year in the United States? The main reason behind the removal of wisdom teeth is impaction when there is not enough space for the teeth to come out of the gums.

Most wisdom teeth with signs of illness or obvious problems should come out. Other problems are also available that cause us to get our wisdom teeth removed such as:

  • Infection or tooth decay
  • Lesions
  • Damage to adjacent teeth
  • Bone loss around the roots
  • Not enough space to brush or floss your teeth


Is getting rid of wisdom teeth the end of the problem?

Removing the wisdom tooth raises certain potential problems.

Some dentists recommend removing them as a precautionary measure as they may cause problems in the future.

Before the tooth passes, the sac of the surrounding tissue can grow into a cyst, leading to bone loss in the jaw.  If the tooth is on the underside of the gums, it can destroy adjacent teeth by eating up the roots.

Bacteria and plaque can build up around teeth that are only partially missing. However, many researchers and health professionals believe that removing healthy teeth is not a good idea otherwise.

Wisdom teeth can be removed in several ways. The decision is based on whether the tooth has passed through or is still buried in the jawbone. Like any other tooth, a wisdom tooth that has already spurted out can be successfully removed under local anesthesia.

To get rid of wisdom teeth, the tooth is divided into several parts within its cavity. Finally, the surgeon will sew the wound. The procedure can also be performed under local anesthesia.

However, general anesthesia may be recommended if your wisdom tooth is further extracted, or if the patient is frightened of noise or pain during surgery. Stitches post-surgery usually remain for 7-10 days before they can be deleted. During this time, regular tests are done to monitor the healing of the wound.

If your dentist suggests it and you don’t know if you should, you can always get a second opinion from another dentist.

If your teeth are below the gum line, you probably need to remove them. Some dentists may prefer to consult an oral surgeon about this procedure, but many dentists perform this procedure daily.

During surgery, medications may be given to make you sleepy so that you don’t feel any pain and don’t feel much. The surgeon tears the gums remove the bones of the teeth and reach the roots.

In case you experience any of the following problems after wisdom teeth are removed, contact your doctor immediately.

  • Unbearable pain despite using painkillers.
  • Swelling increases after a few days.
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing.
  • Massive bleeding.
  • A runny nose with blood or pus.
  • Last but not least a bad taste that lasts in the mouth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost in Iran

Wisdom teeth usually do not need to be removed if not affected, but they do not cause any problems. It is because there are no proven benefits, and there is a risk of complications.

Wisdom teeth that affect the surface of the gums or are not completely ejected can cause tooth problems.

People who want dental treatments like wisdom tooth removal may find it convenient to travel to Iran. Iran’s medical services have a reputation for being available to world-class hospitals, clinics, and qualified physicians.

Various factors, including politics, have contributed to the slump in the Iranian currency against the dollar. Therefore, you can get the best medical care at a great price.

The truth is that the cost of removing wisdom teeth in Iran is significantly lower than in other countries. The average cost of removing wisdom teeth in Iran is $ 80. The main reasons are:

  • Iran has numerous clinics and amazing surgeons for dental services.
  • Iran has a large number of applicants for dental services, especially tooth extractions.
  • Iranian currencies are of little value as compared to the currencies of other nations. Due to these factors, Iran’s dental services are very affordable, despite being equipped with experienced and renowned dentists and oral surgeons, advanced equipment, and modern tools.

Anthropologists believe that humans have evolved beyond the need for wisdom teeth, so some people may never get wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth can get in the way of the appendix and become completely unnecessary.

However, genetics develops wisdom teeth in most adults. But just because you can’t see all of your wisdom teeth doesn’t mean you aren’t there. Wisdom teeth may not pass through or appear. X-rays can tell you if you have wisdom teeth under your gums.

Wisdom teeth can cause oral health problems often, whether visible or not. Wisdom teeth that do not erupt from the gums are called affected. Sometimes this causes even more problems than visible wisdom teeth.

If you have frequent issues with wisdom teeth, you may need to get rid of them to prevent long-term problems. We have excellent professionals and can provide wisdom tooth removal.

We are accepting all patients so you can also offer this service with a dental sedative to make it as comfortable as possible.

Now that you know all about the process of wisdom teeth removal, what do you think? Are you planning to get yours removed?

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