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8 Things to Know About Hair transplant

Hair is the center and symbol of people’s beauty. Just think about the times you touch your hair in a day or you brush and organize your hair in front of a mirror. There is a time in your life, you start to see your hair falling everywhere, coming out while showering or combing. It is sad, but no need to panic!

Hair is the center and symbol of people’s beauty. Just think about the times you touch your hair in a day or you brush and organize your hair in front of a mirror. There is a time in your life, you start to see your hair falling everywhere, coming out while showering or combing. It is sad, but no need to panic!

Hair loss can be the result of poor health, poor diet, bad lifestyle, and stress. It can be reversible but sometimes it is irreversible due to disorders like male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness.

Sorry to say, but on these occasions, if you want your hair back, you have to go for a hair transplant. There are things you have to know before going for a hair transplant; am I the right candidate, is it permanent, and so on:


Am I the right candidate for a hair transplant?

Maybe yes, maybe not! You have to speak to a hair and skin specialist about a hair transplant before undergoing one. But overall there is no problem with your hair transplant if

  1. you are in good health condition
  2. you have enough hair reserved on the back of your head to be transplanted

transplantation and grow back in 2-3 weeks; the transplanted hair in both methods of FUE and FUT are taken from the back of your scalp, where, the hair is stronger and not affected by baldness disorders.


Is hair transplant surgery painful?

A hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, but you may expect some level of discomfort for sure, but its level depends on your body. Overall, based on your surgeon and his/her technicians’ expertise and experience, you may have some mild pain and discomfort. So, try to choose a good clinic for your hair transplant. Check out their previous patients’ results, their certificates, and the facilities.

Does hair transplant have any side effects?

Hair transplant side effects are negligible but know this, it is not a cure for your hair loss and if you have a genetic disorder, you need to see a specialist to get prescriptions and medications for your hair loss.

A hair transplant may leave a very small scar depending on the hair transplant method which will fade away effectively after one year.

Do your hair transplant in a modern clinic under the supervision of a skilled cosmetic surgeon or hair specialist. Follow the after-care instructions and use the medications your doctor prescribed for you. You will have a good, normal, healthy, and fuller hair head.


When can I see the final and full results of my hair transplant?

Your transplanted hair will fall 2-3 weeks after hair restoration surgery and will grow back 3-4 weeks later. 2-3 months after your hair transplant new hair follicles start to grow and seeing the final results may take a year. So, losing transplanted hair after the surgery is normal, they will grow back.


Do I need a second hair transplant, if yes, when?

Yes, it depends on your baldness extensiveness. After your first hair transplant, it is recommended to use medications and preventive treatment. But in some cases, if you are very bald, you may not be satisfied after the first hair transplant and you want another hair transplant. If you have a good donor area (good hair reserve in the back of the scalp) it can be done the next day, but our experts recommend waiting until 5-6 months for the next session.

Do I have to take medications for life?

No, your doctor may prescribe some medications to use for a time after your hair transplant in order to make transplanted hair stronger, but there is no need to take any medication for transplanted hair for a long time. But know this, you may need to take medications for non-transplanted hair and maintain your overall hair and skin health.


Where can I find the right hair transplant center abroad?

There are many good hair transplant clinics in Iran, Germany & Thailand. If you need help finding a good clinic or surgeon for your hair transplant in Iran, contact us, and we will gladly help you.

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