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Examining the Most Obvious Difference Between Body-jet and Lipomatic + Advantages and Disadvantages of Each

In the past years, the two methods of body-jet and lipomatics have become very popular; Because these methods are very minimally invasive and do not require much surgical incision. In this article, we intend to comprehensively introduce these two widely used methods, describe their advantages and disadvantages, and compare how they are done.

For more than two decades now, medical science has been reducing excess body fat with the help of cosmetic surgery. These methods have progressed over time and could not produce more fat, less pain, and side effects. In the past years, the two methods of body jet and lipomatics have become very popular; Because these methods are very minimally invasive and do not require much surgical incision. In this article, we intend to comprehensively introduce these two widely used methods, describe their advantages and disadvantages, and compare how they are done.

What is a Body-jet?

Body jet or water jet, which is sometimes known as liposuction with water, is one of the latest slimming and fat removal technologies. This method allows to the removal of stubborn fats that cannot be reduced by exercise and diet. This method has much less pain and swelling than conventional liposuction; Because this method uses the gentle flow of water to loosen the fat tissue and removes it from the body with minimal impact on the veins, nerves, and surrounding tissues. Body jet effectively targets very specific fat deposits in the body. Unlike conventional methods, body jet does not need to inject large amounts of solution and anesthetize the patient to loosen the fat.

How is body jet done?

Bod-jet and lipomatic have differences in how they are done. In lipomatics, you see special cannulas that pass through the body tissue and when it reaches the fat that needs to be removed, they break it up and in some cases completely remove it. Then the fat is removed from the body. Since the fat is completely broken down, it has no further use and is discarded.

But in the body-jet method, a liquid passes through tubes. This liquid acts as a low-pressure washer and removes strong grease. This technique is effective for removing large amounts of fat quickly and efficiently. Body Jet is very effective in targeting fat around women’s breasts, which is usually stubborn and difficult to remove

What areas of the body can the water jet target?

Body Jet is known as a proven method to remove strong areas of body fat. While diet and exercise are helpful for fat loss and are certainly needed as part of a healthy lifestyle, they don’t always eliminate all fat. Some areas of fat are more resistant than others and the areas that are usually targeted with body jet are arms, breasts, legs, hips, knees, and facial areas. Many of these things are common between body jet and lipomatics.

What is lipomatic surgery?

This surgery is used to get rid of fat tissues that are disproportionately expanded, thus providing patients with a fit and healthy appearance.

Before surgery, some patients may complain to the doctor about their beauty and fitness. After control and examination by a specialist doctor, it is possible to decide on the use of lipomatics. In the examination process, the appropriate type of surgery and the amount of fat to be removed are determined.  In most cases, there is no need for general anesthesia and local anesthesia is sufficient. By means of a device, vibration is applied to the tissues of the body, and in this way the fat tissue is destroyed. After the operation, which is very easy, the patient is discharged on the same day. This operation can be done in one session in several parts of the body.

How is lipomatic surgery performed?

Body beauty concern is important to some extent for all people in all age groups. The excess fat collection is one of the reasons why your fitness is messed up. The difference between body jet and lipomatics is mostly in the method used to remove fats. We have explained the method of performing the body jet in the above sections. Lipomatic surgery is performed by a device known by the same name. Accordingly, the vibrating tubes penetrate under the skin and reach the fat area. This vibration causes the fat tissue to break and separate. After separation, the broken pieces of fat are removed from the body with the help of creating a vacuum. This operation is also performed in a short period of time and does not cause significant pain. The decision to choose the type of body jet or lipomatic surgery is made not only individually, but also with the decision and advice of a specialist doctor. For this reason, the specialist doctor who decides on the operation carefully examines the personal information and health of the person and suggests the most suitable method according to them. Therefore, in such a case, the probability of success in surgery is very high. Finally, it is decided whether the operation will be performed under local or general anesthesia.

What are the advantages of a body jet?

Body jet is one of the most popular methods that can bring you many benefits. Some of these benefits include:

It is a completely safe, relatively painless, and effective way to lose excess fat quickly. Body Jet is more comfortable and safer than traditional liposuction methods. Also, less damage is done to the area. A mild and safe anesthetic is administered along with sterile water to keep you comfortable during the procedure.

Local anesthesia of the operated area is used instead of a complete anesthesia.

It is very suitable for removing unwanted fat such as belly, and misshapen bumps (an ugly shape) on women’s breasts, arms, lower and upper hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, and male breasts.

A more attractive physical appearance as a result of increased self-confidence

Minimal pain and bruising after the operation

Quick recovery time so you can quickly return to normal activity

What are the benefits of lipomatic surgery?

The most important advantages of using lipomatics can be listed as follows:

Since the fat tissues are removed homogeneously (same or a similar kind) and successfully, there is no local bulge.

After lipomatic surgery, in addition to the removal of fat tissue, sagging skin gradually disappears, and regional wrinkles and other signs of aging are also removed.

During the lipomatic procedure, due to the use of advanced techniques, only fat tissue is targeted. In this way, blood cells, vascular structures, muscle tissues, or skin are not damaged. For this reason, recovery after lipomatic surgery also happens very quickly.

Complications such as bleeding, bruising, or redness, which many patients complain about after the operation, are much less common in lipomatic surgery.

How long does it take to recover after body jet?

Considering the popularity of the body-jet method, it is good to know that this method is relatively simple. Simplicity means recovery time is quick compared to other surgeries. In fact, your recovery process starts almost immediately after the operation.

After body-jet surgery, it is recommended to take a week off from work. Daily activities and exercise can usually be done after a few weeks. After a few days, the pain will be reduced to a minimum and, if present, it can be controlled with regular painkillers. There is some swelling and bruising after the operation and it may take several weeks to completely resolve. Because water-based liposuction is (kindly)gentler than traditional methods, recovery time is slightly faster.

Aftercare body-jet and lipomatic

No matter what method you used to reduce fat, it is necessary to have the best and most careful care after the operation to achieve the best result. Post-operative care of lipomatic and body jet will include the following:

Adequate nutrition

Your body needs proper and sufficient food to repair damaged tissues and heal wounds. It is necessary to use vitamin sources such as fruits and vegetables during this time. Also, consuming chicken meat is very suitable for supplying vitamin B. Include enough protein sources such as meat, eggs, beans, and dairy products in your diet. Drinking a lot of water will help you get rid of swelling and inflammation faster. Also, during this period, you should avoid using tobacco and alcoholic beverages.

Accurate use of medications

The doctor will prescribe you antibiotics during the recovery period after body jet and lipomatics. Taking these drugs is necessary to prevent infection and it is necessary to take them regularly. In case of infection signs, be sure to inform your doctor. If you feel pain during recovery, you can use common pain relievers that do not require a doctor’s prescription.

Avoid heavy work

On the day after the operation, rest completely and then start with light walking. Do not do any heavy activities in the first days. After 10 days to two weeks, you can return to your job, but you need to wait a month to do heavy sports.

Avoid bathing

On the first and second days after body jet and lipomatics, the doctor prohibits you from washing the small wound that has been created. After that, you can go to the bathroom with the doctor’s advice and wash the wound well with soap and water.

Risks and complications of lipomatic surgery

During the surgery, your doctor must have correctly calculated the amount of fat to be removed from the body. If such conditions are not considered, it is possible to cause hurt to your body. For this reason, you should not insist that the doctor remove more fat from your body than he has diagnosed. According to the complications that lipomatic surgery may cause, this procedure is not performed for patients 60 years old and older. Performing an operation that is effective in terms of increasing beauty without providing the necessary conditions may bring complications, especially the patient’s disappointment. In rare cases, it is possible that a fat clot enters a person’s blood, and this can be very dangerous, especially for people with heart or respiratory disease. If left untreated, there is a possibility that your wound will become infected. Also, if you do not empty your diet of high-calorie foods after the operation and fail to exercise regularly, the fats may return to their original state.

Is body jet better or lipomatic?

Although both body jet and lipomatic methods are useful and effective for fat reduction, according to the explanations provided, one method cannot be definitely prescribed for all people. To determine the right method, it is necessary for the doctor to first examine you and check your physical condition, health, and fat volume, and then prescribe the right method.


The accumulation of fat cells in different parts of the body has a significant effect on the attractiveness and beauty of the body. Increasing fat, especially in the abdomen and sides, is one of the things that bothers many people and they want to get rid of them in an easy way. Although these fats can be reduced to some extent with exercise, in addition to being difficult and time-consuming, exercise cannot remove fat locally. This means that if you want to lose belly fat, your face will inevitably lose weight. But with the help of surgical methods that have been introduced in the past decades, you can easily and in a short time reduce local body fat.

Body jet and lipomatic surgeries are two popular methods among the surgeries that are used. These methods cause very little hurt and pressure to your body and do not require much surgical incision. Their recovery period is also very short. In this article, we introduced these two methods and compared them. If you have any questions, you can contact us and read other articles on our site.

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