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How Long Does a Rhytidectomy Last?

Rhytidectomy, popularly known as a facelift, is a famous procedure done worldwide to lift the face up and even pull the skin back to make you look younger and your skin tighter and more smooth.

It is a cosmetic surgery designed to reduce the sagging and flabby skin around the lower half of the face and neck.

You can undergo this process anywhere, but make sure the surgeon is highly trained and educated to do so.

Now keep in mind that one of the best facelift procedures is done with the help of a thread, and it is known as thread facelift, which we will read in detail later in the content.

The cost can vary accordingly based on the country you are in. In this regard, read till the end till we highlight more details of the rhytidectomy procedure and all you need to know about it.

What is a thread face lift?

We all love having smooth and flawless skin irrespective of age and gender, don’t we? What do we do to have such fantastic skin? Rhytidectomy is an amazing one that we all think of, and the majority undergoes the procedure.

Apart from it, many are brave enough to undergo the process of thread facelift. It is a unique type of procedure where temporary sutures are used to provide a subtle lift to the skin. Keep in mind that the lift in your skin will be visible in the eyes of the old traditional process of surgically removing the sagging; loose facial skin is not practiced much. Now facelift with the help of thread is advised as it is non-invasive, holds no dangers and risks, and has no stitching areas and marks.

  • Apart from helping lift the skin, the thread also helps combat the aging process in many other possible ways. There are many advantages to this process that makes us go for this fantastic facelift procedure, such as:
  • The recovery from this procedure is not intensive, but the patient has to be cautious while the skin is healing.
  • The procedure, as mentioned earlier, is low risk as it is a non-invasive procedure with no wound healing involved.
  • Thread facelifts are much more economical and affordable than other facelift procedures.

How Long Does a Face Thread Lift Last?

 A lot have asked about the duration of this excellent procedure. We should add that the result will be visible right after the process of thread facelift and will easily last from a year to almost three years post-procedure.

Do not worry about the presence of threads on your skin. Same as fillers, these threads will also be absorbed into your skin with the help of your tissues. So it means you have nothing to worry about.

Go ahead and continue your daily routine right after the procedure. There is no issue with that but do not rub your face vigorously, and avoiding sleeping on that side of your face that you have undergone thread lift is advisable.

What are the main targeted areas for thread face lift?

Most opt for this procedure to get rid of sagging skin. And make it look tighter. Areas where the procedure is mainly done, are the jaw lines, under the eye areas, cheeks and forehead, and last but not least, the brow line.

Apart from these mentioned areas, thread lift is also done in the breasts to make them tighter after pregnancy or weight loss.

What is the cost of the procedure?

The cost of this procedure varies for many reasons, such as the location you live, your surgeon’s experience, and the number of areas you desire to undergo a thread facelift.

All these can have a significant impact on the cost of the procedure. According to a single doctor, the cost of the facelift is considered to be 40% of the traditional procedure cost. On average, the price of a facelift in the United States is described to be something around $2,050.

The process does not need general anesthesia, so here you save money, and you can get to work the next day.

According to some therapists, it is highly advisable to get some therapies after the process, such as Juvederm, to help boost the effect of the threads used in the process. Before choosing them, make sure you are aware of their costs.

Did you know that the process of thread lifting is also known as barbed suture lift, and it has been around since the 1990s? Threads have so far been with isn’t thanks to innovation and new techniques; threads have been replaced and used very little in the past years.

You should do certain things after the procedure, and certain things you should refrain from doing. It is always advised to listen to your surgeon and follow instructions for better results.

For better results, don’t rub your face after the procedure. On the other hand, stay away from applying moisturizers, serums, or other solutions to your skin.

It is better to stay away from putting on makeup for a few days. For at least 48 hours, make sure your face does not have any makeup on it, as there can be some minor bruises and soreness after the procedure that can be affected once you apply makeup.

For a few days, do not think about going to the pool. Hot tab relaxation must be avoided as well. It is best to wait for a week, dive into the pool, and enjoy your summer days.

You can best sleep on your back and place your head propped up on your pillow so your face will not have any contact with your pillow.

Instead, make sure you choose the best surgeon for your facelift procedure who is highly specialized in this field.

What do you think now that you know so much about thread facelifts and the procedure? Is it a procedure worth trying? Would you choose this process over other options present?

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