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Rhinoplasty Procedure: All You Need to know

If you decide to get a nose job, there are some points that you should consider before surgery, in the day of surgery and after the surgery.
Rhinoplasty is plastic surgery performed either with a closed method or an open one.
In open-nose surgery, the plastic surgeon (or ENT surgeon) makes incisions inside the nose, while in open-nose surgery, he/she makes the incisions across the columella (the narrow strip of tissue that separates the nostrils).
In this blog post, you can read more about the nose job procedure.

A regular nose job procedure, step-by-step guide

Let’s see what happens from before the surgery till the end!

Before the nose surgery

you will meet with your surgeon to discuss:

  • Your reason for undergoing nose reshaping surgery
  • The changes you wish to make
  • The results you would like to be achieved – you need to maintain realistic expectations
  • Activities to be discontinued before surgery including smoking and taking certain medications for some time

On the day of surgery

You will require some preparation before the procedure:

  • You will be instructed to be ‘nil-by-mouth‘ for six hours
  • The surgery team prepares you for the procedure
  • The surgeon draws some marks on your skin
  • Final consent will be obtained
  • The surgeon will talk to the patient to relax him and answer any last-minute questions

Rhinoplasty in Iran

The nose surgery

  • Performed under general anesthetic
  • Takes around two hours
  • Leaves minimal scarring
  • Normally outpatient

Immediately after the nose surgery

  • A splint is placed over your nose bridge, possibly packs inside the nostrils, and possibly ice packs over your eyes, to minimize bruising and swelling
  • Usually, you can not breathe through the nose; drinking plenty of fluids helps with a sore throat
  • However the congested nasal feeling is the reason for your discomfort, painkillers will be offered

Following the nose surgery

following the surgery you may:

  • Experience numbness, bruising, and swelling (they gradually fade)
  • Have slight bleeding from nostrils which can be dabbed away
  • Need to rest in a semi-upright position for the first few days and avoid bending down
  • Be required to come into the clinic for a post-operative appointment 7-10 days after the surgery
  • Find contact lenses that are difficult to insert or remove; glasses may be uncomfortable

    Putting on the nasal strip after surgery

    Putting a strip after a nose job is very important. For the first weeks after surgery, usually surgeons put the strip on your nose themselves but after that, with training, you can do this on your own. Be careful not to loosen the nasal strip and if it did, immediately change it. In case of allergies to strip material, consult with your surgeon.


What symptoms are alarming after the rhinoplasty?

In case of observing these symptoms call your surgeon immediately:

  • High fever (more than 38-39 Celsius degree)
  • Spotting bright blood without clot
  • Dizziness, nausea, and vomit
  • Diarrhea
  • Severe pain in the nose area
  • Breathe shortness, High-frequency heartbeat

Rhinoplasty is a popular cosmetic surgery in Iran

rhinoplasty, nose job, or nose surgery is a cosmetic surgery performed in order to change the nose job’s functions and looks. According to the Iranian plastic surgeons association, more than 80,000 nose jobs are performed yearly, making it one of the most common facial plastic surgery procedures.

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