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What is Asian Nose Job?

The process of an Asian nose job is different from other nose surgeries, because, Asian noses need to be enlarged by special rhinoplasty techniques.

Asian nose job

The special feature of Asian noses, such as the noses of some Afghan, Chinese, and Korean races, is that the nose is not sufficiently developed in the side view. This insufficient growth makes the nose appear wide. The process of an Asian nose job is different from other nose surgeries, because, Asian noses need to be enlarged by special rhinoplasty techniques.

The external layer of the nose consists of 5 layers: the skin, superficial fat layer, fibro-muscle layer, deep fat layers, and perichondrium or periosteum. The external layer in the Asian nose has a thicker fat layer, resulting in a wider nasal layer and a deeper fibro-fat layer. Therefore, the flexibility of the nasal surface in these patients must be considered in Asian rhinoplasty.

How do they do Asian nose job?

Asian noses usually have a small bridge, wide tip, and large nostrils. In the past, in Asian rhinoplasty, silicone implants were used to solve the problem of small nasal bridges. Although this method was successful in most cases, it led to infection in 10 to 15% of patients. So the surgeon had to remove the implant or prosthesis from the nose. Today, in Asian rhinoplasty, surgeons use transplanted cartilage taken from the person’s body to strengthen the bridge of the nose. There is no need to use silicone and other synthetic materials inside the body in this method. These people are usually operated on using cartilage taken from the back of the ear or ribs.

Which country is the best for Asian rhinoplasty?

Iran has many experienced plastic surgeons. Meanwhile, rhinoplasty is the most popular cosmetic surgery in Iran which attract many medical tourists every year. Since Asian rhinoplasty is a little different from other ones, choosing the right surgeon is very important.

Who is the best Asian nose job surgeon?

Dr. Farhad Ajdari is a well-known Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon with more than 13000 successful surgeries in the field of cosmetic, reconstructive, and general surgery and has efficient experience in Asian nose jobs.

Asian nose job Dr Ajdari

How much does Asian rhinoplasty cost in Iran?

Asian nose job cost in Iran: 3000$

Does Asian rhinoplasty hurt?

After an Asian nose job, you will have trouble chewing and breathing for a little while. Your nose surgeon will prescribe some painkillers. Some of these side effects are temporary and will fade away in 2-3 days, and some others in 2-3 weeks.

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