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What is Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation?

Today, breast augmentation has become an important issue for most women because it helps them to look more attractive. Fat grafting for breast augmentation is one of the most preferred methods for women because it is somehow a natural way as compared to breast implants.

Fat grafting to increase breast size has advantages and disadvantages. This method is used as a suitable alternative for breast implants. This method also includes removing fat from another part of the body, such as the thighs and abdomen, and injecting it into designated areas in the chest. Before the undesirable fat is injected into the breast, it is carefully processed and refined by the surgeon to prepare it for injection.

Risks of fat transfer for breast augmentation

Fat grafting for breast augmentation can entail some risks. However, it might seem low risky because of its naturalness, but on the other hand, it can lead to some complications. In this paragraph, we will show you how fat transfer can contribute to some serious risks.

Death of fat cells

The dead fat cell is one of the primary complications that may occur to people who have undergone fat transfer surgery. When fat cells do not receive enough oxygen during surgery, they die due to low oxygen levels. Dead cells may appear like lumps or bulbs in your breast. These lamps can cause different types of symptoms, some of which can be annoying for you.

Your skin color may change or become uneven due to these dead cells. In addition, bruising and redness around the bulbs, changes in the shape and appearance of the breast, and painful lumps are a limited number of unpleasant symptoms of dead fat cells.

Usually, these symptoms are not cancerous, so you don’t need to worry about them, but on the other hand, it is better to see your doctor and remove the painful bulbs to avoid serious diseases.


The probability of infection is low in fat transfer. Generally, invasion of infection stems from an incision. Since a plastic surgeon makes a small cut during surgery, the chance of penetrating infection to your body is meager. Moreover, injected fat can’t be troublesome because it belongs to your body. If you are extremely nervous about this matter or have a weak immune system, it is better to talk to your doctor.

Advantages of fat grafting

Although fat grafting for breast augmentation can cause problems for your body, it can also have benefits. In this way, you can increase the size of your breast without any effect of cuts or deep cuts. In addition, the breast size increases slightly and subtly. Another reason that encourages most women to use this method is its safety, and the person’s fat is only used in this process.

It is a preferable process because its results are enduring and long-lasting. In this method, it is not necessary to use or implant another object to increase breasts. Its recovery takes short time compared to other methods. It affects your breast subtly and fixes its lopsidedness. Many women consent to the outcome and the way their breasts reshape naturally through this method.

Eligible persons for fat transfer

Fat grafting for breast augmentation is highly recommended for those who are in favor of naturality. This method also can be suitable for those who pay attention to better outcomes. In this paragraph, we will go through the special features which shed light upon the most appropriate persons for this method.

Having relatively smaller size of breasts as well as disproportionate breasts are two main characteristics, that are resolved by the fat transfer technic. The other traits belong to those whose breasts lost their shape and volume, and also their size is reduced because of aging, pregnancy, and weight loss.

Recovery of fat grafting

The patient may experience various feelings and complications after fat transfer for breast enlargement. These side effects occur mostly in the parts of the body where excess fat is removed and also in the breasts that are bruised, inflamed, and swollen. The patient can alleviate his pain with prescribed drugs.

Breasts may appear larger than desirable ones, but this problem is resolved due to fat reabsorption and reduced bruising. The patient can return to her daily life routine after a few days, but there are some points that patients should keep in mind. The patient should avoid demanding activities and vigorous exercises to ensure that the treatment process is successful.

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