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What is Scarless Thigh Lift?

Scarless thigh lift is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure that is used to get slimmer thighs without surgery. Non-surgical thigh lift procedure uses non-invasive methods

Scarless thigh lift

Having tight firm thighs to wear shorts at the beach is something everyone wants. It can be joyful to have a perfect body when you go to the beach. However, sometimes even exercise and diet cannot give you what you want. And this is why many people turn to a thigh lift.

But instead of undergoing a surgical procedure, why not have amazing results with non-invasive methods such as scarless thigh lift or non-surgical thigh lift.

What is scarless thigh lift?

Scarless thigh lift is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure that is used to get slimmer thighs without surgery. Non-surgical thigh lift procedure uses non-invasive methods to get rid of extra fat in the thighs and to lift their skin.

How is a scarless thigh lift done?

How is scarless thigh lift doneWith the help of the latest technologies in liposuction, it is possible now to lift the thighs and have smaller and tighter thighs without long incisions. All that it needs to perform a scarless thigh lift is a tiny incision to insert the cannula.

You can have a scarless non-surgical thigh lift with either Vaser liposuction or BodyTite liposuction. The Vaser liposuction procedure is very simple:

  • The surgeon will put you under local anesthesia. You will be awake during scarless thigh lift but will not feel pain.
  • The surgeon will make a small incision enough to put the cannula inside the thigh.
  • Afterward, the device will start making special ultrasound frequencies that will begin to melt the fat.
  • The molten fat will be suctioned into the cannula.

BodyTite procedure also has simple steps:

  • The surgeon will put you under local anesthesia.
  • The cannula is inserted inside the thigh through a tiny incision.
  • The device will use radio frequencies to heat the fat and melt them.
  • Molten fat will be suctioned with the cannula.

BodyTite vs. Vaser Liposuction

Both Bodytite and Vaser liposuction can be used to perform scarless thigh lift procedures. However, they are not the same. Bodytite uses radio frequencies to melt body fats while Vaser liposuction uses ultrasound.

Bodytite can have the extra benefit of skin tightening. It can help you even have tighter and firmer skin after the procedure.

Recovery after scarless thigh lift

One of the main benefits of a scarless thigh lift is fast recovery. The methods used to remove excess fat and tighten the thighs are minimally invasive. Since there are no big incisions and the other tissues are not damaged from the procedure, the healing will be faster.

Normally, you will recover within the next week from the procedure. You will be able to return you your job and normal life after several days following a non-surgical thigh lift.

Pain with scarless thigh lift

Whether you use Vaser liposuction or BodyTite to have a scarless thigh lift, you are going to feel minor discomfort. During a non-surgical thigh lift procedure, you are not going to experience pain or inconvenience. The anesthesia will eliminate any feeling of pain.

Afterward, it is possible to experience mild pain. The doctor will recommend that you take OTC painkillers to ease the discomfort.

No scars after the procedure

The biggest benefit of scarless thigh lift is that you can have slimmer thighs without scarring. This procedure only needs a tiny opening to insert the cannula inside the thigh. Although this small incision can leave a scar, it will be barely visible.

To reduce the scarring even further, your surgeon is most likely to make the incision in one of the natural creases of the thigh.

Is scarless thigh lift safe?

A non-surgical thigh lift is safer than a conventional thigh lift. Scarless non-surgical thigh lift does not involve a major incision. Therefore, the later complications and side effects are lower. The tissue damage from the heat is also minimized due to the quick heating of the targeted areas.

Ultrasound and radio frequencies do not cause any damage to the outer skin. Thus, they are safer than other cosmetic laser treatments.

The results of scarless thigh lift

Right after the procedure, your thighs will likely be swollen and bruised for a while. As time passes, the swelling will decrease. The change in your thigh shape will start to appear shortly.

The results of scarless thigh lift improve over time after the surgery. It can take around 6 months after the procedure for the final results to appear. Just bear in mind that you still need a balanced diet and exercise after the surgery to maintain the results for a longer period.

The cost of scar less thigh lift

The cost of a scarless thigh lift depends mainly on the method you choose and the size of the treated area. We can say that the average cost of the BodyTite procedure is around $6,000 in the United States. The cost of Vaser liposuction is around $7,000.

These procedures can be a bit more expensive than conventional thigh lift but can be a better option for patients who prefer less invasive procedures.

Last word

A scarless thigh lift is a good alternative to a conventional thigh lift. It can help you have perfect thighs without a surgical procedure. It can be a little more expensive but much safer.

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