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How to Get Rid of a Bony Bump on the Side of Your Nose?

The bony bump on the side of your nose

Many people may say I like how my face looks from one side but not from the other. This can be due to having a bony bump on one side of their noses. But why does this happen, and how to get rid of a bony bump on the side of the nose? This problem can be solved with or without getting plastic surgery.

What is the nasal bump?

A nasal bump is a hump that forms on the nasal bridge. It can be noticeable, especially from the side. It affects appearance, and many people do not like how it makes them look.

Is the nasal bump bony?

The nasal bump on your nose is composed of bone on the upper third of the nose. The lower two-thirds of your nose is composed of cartilage. Sometimes the nasal hump can be composed of both bone and cartilage.

Why do I have a bump on my nose bridge?

A bump on the nose bridge is a common cosmetic concern. Several factors, including genetics, trauma or injury, and medical conditions, can cause it.
As per information from Healthline, nose bumps refer to irregularities in the cartilage and bone of the nose. These deviations can lead to the formation of a prominent bump or “hump” in the contour of an individual’s nose rather than a smooth, straight slope extending from the nasal bridge to the tip. Most people have nose bump naturally, and there is nothing unhealthy or dangerous about them. However, some people feel self-conscious about the way nose bumps look. The removal of a dorsal hump is a prevalent motive driving individuals to seek cosmetic rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a nose job.
Nose bumps can also be caused by trauma or injury to your nose. Nose bumps can develop due to uneven healing of cartilage and bone following a bruise or a broken nose. Interestingly, these humps often stem from actions people do to themselves. Activities such as nose-picking, removing nostril hair, or getting a nose piercing can lead to irritation, potentially resulting in bacterial or fungal infections that contribute to the formation of nose bumps.
Medical conditions such as bad allergies, polyps, and boils can also cause nose bumps. Suppose you have any concerns about bumps on your nose bridge. In that case, it’s best to consult with a licensed professional, such as a dermatologist, to discuss the risks and benefits of treatment options.



Do nose bumps affect breathing?

Sometimes, the injury that causes the bump can deviate from the nasal septum. If you suffer from difficulty breathing due to hump, you need to tell your doctor. Bump removal treatments do not always improve your breathing. Therefore, you should discuss your condition with your doctor to choose a suitable treatment.

Treatment options to remove a bony bump on the side of your nose

To remove the bump from the side of your nose, there are various options to choose from. You can either have a surgical rhinoplasty or go for non-surgical options.

Remove the bump with rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty or nose job is a plastic surgery that can help you improve your facial features by changing the shape of your nose. With rhinoplasty, a surgeon can get rid of the bony hump on your nose.
You have two kinds of rhinoplasty that you can have if you want to remove the bump surgically.

Closed rhinoplasty to remove the bump

A lot of patients and surgeons prefer closed rhinoplasty. Closed rhinoplasty is less invasive than open rhinoplasty. With closed rhinoplasty, you will have no visible scars after the procedure. The surgeon will make the cuts inside your nostrils. You will also experience minimal swelling afterwards.
This surgery will give you satisfying results, but it needs to be performed by the hands of an experienced surgeon.

Open rhinoplasty to remove a nasal hump

Open rhinoplasty, or as it is also called traditional rhinoplasty, is the surgery that allows the surgeon to examine the structure of your nose better, thus giving you better results. There will be more scarring compared to closed rhinoplasty. However, the surgeon will try to hide the scars and make them less noticeable.

Remove the hump with non-surgical treatment

If what you have is a small nasal hump, you may be able to treat the problem without surgery. It is possible to use non-surgical treatments such as dermal fillers to have a more balanced nose. Dermal fillers need local anesthesia and cause less swelling and immediate results.
Just keep in mind that these treatments dissolve with time. You need to repeat the process every 6 to 12 months. They can be an excellent and inexpensive solution but not a permanent one.

Recovery after nasal bony bump reduction surgery

nasal bony bump

The recovery period after hump reduction depends on the method used to remove the bump.

If you have open rhinoplasty, there will be some swelling around the face. You will need around six to eight weeks to recover from the surgery. There will be less swelling with closed rhinoplasty, and it can take between four to six weeks to recover.

When you opt for non-surgical treatments, you will only need a few days to recover. The results will be instant.

Should I have a nose job to get rid of the nasal bump?

Even though non-surgical treatments can provide good results, they are temporary. A nose job, on the other hand, improves your looks for good. Furthermore, if you have breathing problems associated with the nasal hump, the surgeon can fix them with surgery.
Rhinoplasty can carry some risks and possible complications. However, the risks are low, and most of them can even be lowered with good preparations and by having the surgery done by an experienced surgeon. If you do not want to have scars on your face, you can have a closed rhinoplasty and have your scars hidden inside your nostrils.

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