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Lipomatic (Steps, benefits, complications) :

Lipomatic is one the slimming surgeries. in this way the fat surrounded in body like stomach bottom thighs and flanks will be sucked out

Lipomatic is one of the slimming surgeries. in this way the fat surrounding the body like the stomach bottom thighs and flanks will be sucked out .this way is one of the liposuction surgeries but there is a slit difference between them, the pain and the side effects of lipomatic is less than the other one. we also can inject the sucked fat into other parts of the face and body .in this way no surgery will be done only small cuts will be performed on the skin then they will inject Canola into skin layers so you won’t face any side effects after the surgery .after a short period of time you will be able to go back to your routine life.

Getting rid of body fat with Lipomatic :

Lipomatic which is also called body contouring and the destruction of extra fat in your body, after the surgery you can refined it and use it again all over your body. Lipomatic is one of the most popular surgeries around the world the benefits of the surgery are so significant that even people who have medium fat also choose this way to get in shape. reconsidering all pros and cons of lipomatic we can say this is the best way of losing weight because with less damage to the skin and its texture, you can discharge the fat and spend a short time after the surgery you can get back to your old life.

Difference between Lipomatic and Liposuction:

Liposuction is one of the slimming surgeries we have but it’s different with Lipomatic in Liposuction they get rid of the fat in the body by heating them so we can’t use it again but in Lipomatic the fat in the body will be dissolved by physical movement so the cells will stay alive. so, after discharging the fat with special devices, they will be reusable.

Who are the best candidates for Lipomatic :

  • Lipomatic is so private and unique surgery. So, people will look for this surgery as they desire for
  • Although body contouring is a less complicated way the best way to lose weight is to exercise
  • Changing your lifestyle and your diet will be important too, in case you couldn’t decrease your body fat you are the best candidate for Lipomatic surgery.
  • Lipomatic is not suitable for the elderly or children. if you are young get a diet and exercise to lose weight, the best age for Lipomatic is 30 to 50 years old. this surgery is not recommended in puberty age because the body is in a growing period, even in old age because the skin elasticity is low skin will drop after the surgery.
  • If you used to smoke or you smoke regularly doing the Lipomatic surgery is so risky for you, so at least 1 month before and after the body contouring you must drop smoking.
  • You need to have reasonable expectations toward Lipomatic because after Lipomatic you have to change your eating habit otherwise you will gain more weight.
  • One of the most important conditions for Lipomatic is not to use any special medicine.
  • The surgery is never be done during the mother’s breast-feeding period
  • If you used some methods like diets and exercises for losing weight or getting rid of fat, but you didn’t reach the thing you desire for so Lipomatic can be a good choice to remove local fat in your body.

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How does a body contouring device work to discharge fat:

one of the best ways to discharge and extract fat from organs is Lipomatic . body contouring is a safe way that contains satisfying results and can extract fat from the body. Lipomatic technical procedure due to the method that is used will be different but it has one basis and aim. In general, in body contouring procedures. they use a small pipe called Canola foe extracting fat. this pipe is connected to a suction device that by providing negative pressure and strong suction it leads to strong fat extraction from the body. in this method plus the pipe vibration movement that cox fat crush they also use ultrasonic waves. As a result of the attachment of the waves with adipose tissue, the fat cells will be crushed and changed into liquid this way will be so easier to be extracted.

Is Lipomatic dangerous?

Lipomatic is one method of body contouring not also it’s not dangerous but it will help you to become healthier. massive accumulation of fat in the body may cause you some illnesses like Cholesterol and fatty liver, by extraction of this fat you will be less in danger of these illnesses. However, beauty will enhance your self-confidence in Lipomatic you won’t feel any pain at all. However, after doing this surgery lead a better and healthier lifestyle and workout so you will remain beautiful and healthy all the time.

How much does Lipomatic cost?

one of the most important factors in choosing in all fields is the final cast. In cosmetic surgery, this factor is also important so the clients choose the clinic that costs less to do their surgery in. Lipomatic is dependent on different factors so it will have different costs too, in case you have a lot of fat in your body the duration and the cost of Lipomatic will be increased. the doctors’ payment, the nurses, surgery equipment, clinic facilities, and its location are included n the Lipomatic costs that should be paid. You need to know that Lipomatic cost is not only the surgery it also includes the medicine and the garment that you need to use after the surgery.

What are the factors which are discussed in the sessions before the surgery?

In the first sessions the team and the doctor will mostly discuss your goal and the result you want to reach eventually. in this process based on the experiments done previously, they will realize what kind of medicine you are allergic to and what do you need to do before and after the surgery. they will also study your previous medical reports and your diet, these factors help the doctor to consider all the facts and choose the best one for you to get the best result. some beauty experts believe that before the surgery taking some basic images and showing the before and after to the patient may be so effectful so you can have a better aspect of the real result after the surgery but before the surgery session you have the opportunity to ask all of your questions so you can get all the answers of your questions.

This information helps you to have an easier recovery time and your healing process will be faster and better. one of the most important factors in Lipomatic is to know all the aspects related to the surgery this will help you to reduce your stress and anxiousness before the surgery and you may only think about the magnificent result you will get.

What are the questions you need to ask the doctor before the Lipomatic surgery?

As we said before you may ask all of your questions in the first session so you will get all the answers you have questioned before. In the following part, we mention some questions that may cross your mind about this surgery, and knowing the answers to them may give you the opportunity to get the best result you have wished for .so use these questions for a good consulting session:

  1. Is your surgeon confirmed by the surgical board association?
  2. Is the doctor experienced enough in Lipomatic field?
  3. Does he/she have enough experience?
  4. Does your surgeon have privileges and honors?
  5. Does the clinic have official confirmation?
  6. Do you have the conditions for the surgery?
  7. What are the points you need to pay attention to?
  8. How is the surgery done and in what way?
  9. What are the ways and equipment they use for Lipomatic?
  10. What do you need to pay attention to in the healing process?
  11. What are the risks and side effects?
  12. If you weren’t satisfied after the surgery what are the authorities you are going to have?

What are the Lipomatic side effects?

The side effects of slimming surgeries are arising from the doctors’ mistakes and not paying attention to some points. This surgery doesn’t have any side effects by itself unless an outer factor causes this problem, the temporary side effects are an inseparable part of any beauty surgery some of the most famous Lipomatic side effects are:

  • The infection of the incision sites is one of the side effects of Lipomatic. If you don’t be careful and pay huge attention after the surgery it may happen.
  • Dead blood and bruises after Lipomatic happen because of the usage of medicine which causes blood coagulation. It’s better to consult the doctor before the Lipomatic about the special medicine you need to use after the surgery.
  • Skin dropping can result in Lipomatic side effects if you don’t use the garment as required it happens.

Necessary preparations and care before the Lipomatic surgery:

Before the Lipomatic surgery, you will have a session with a consultant in this session you are going to talk about your own sicknesses and medicine you use, and your general physical condition you need to talk about the reality in this session so the doctor can manage your medicine. Before Lipomatic it’s better to do these steps to be away from all side effects:

  • Try to eat something light and not oily for dinner and be on fast in the morning
  • Obey the doctors’ orders
  • Take a shower and be ready for the surgery day
  • Don’t smoke and drink alcohol at least one month before the surgery
  • Blood thinner medicine should not be used 2 weeks after or before the surgery
  • Sleep well before the surgery day

How is the Lipomatic surgery done?

Lipomatic is a new way of slimming surgeries, the device has wind and suction pumps. Canola is one of the device parts that is made of stainless steel. the doctor cut 2 to 5 mm on the special place on adipose tissue and inject the Canola into fat layers under the skin. Canola by providing circular rotations upside down causes the reduction in adipose tissues. The small pumps on Canola extract the small fat out of the body.

Body contouring has 3 main steps:

  • First, the person will be unconscious and the target spot will be sterilized
  • Next, they will highlight the spot which the Canola will be injected from there
  • Then the spot will be under local anesthesia so it will prevent big bleeding during the surgery

Finally, the injection of Canola by providing some vibration the fat will be carefully separated and extracted by the device

If the fat injection and its replacement is required the fat cells will be purified so it can be reused so they will be suturing and dressing the area.

The recovery time after the Lipomatic surgery:

The recovering time after the surgery doesn’t take a long time mostly 1 week. The exercise which are proven here can help you to get a better result:

  • Walk after the surgery for some time but don’t do heavy workout
  • The diet after the Lipomatic is so important you need to change your diet after the surgery otherwise you will gain weight
  • You shouldn’t use alcoholic drinks and cigarettes after the surgery
  • If you do the Lipomatic you shouldn’t sit for 72 hours
  • Don’t forget to use the garment so it prevents skin from dropping
  • Observe the surgical area and make it clean
  • You can take a shower after 2 days of surgery but don’t go to the swimming pool for several weeks
  • Don’t stretch your body while you are asleep

What are the differences after the Lipomatic surgery:

The results of Liomatic is completely clear and visible, even after a short time of the surgery you will be able to see the results. The fat will be totally gone and the skin looks dropping. don’t worry about your skin dropping if you use the garment, you will get rid of its full part. the results after the surgery are permanent in case you eat healthy food don’t forget to exercise and live healthily.

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